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From Perpetch 18th October 2012

Hash Statutes

From Perpetch 18th October 2012

Hash Insurance

Rubgy World Cup Event - RHHH hits the Sunday Paper!

Cleaning of the William Web Ellis Grave & Run in Menton...
Haberdashery - free beer here!
We now have sweatshirts (not a very saleable item last hash) and Teeshirts in stock. Supermarket Trolley is the lady to take your measurements. Buy them for your summer visitors.

If you see people wearing hash T shirts in the street or on the beach donít be shy about telling them about RH3 and inviting them to the next hash- many donít realize there is a Hash on the Riviera.

Extra benefit of RH3 T shirts- A free pint of Beer when you show up at The Old Inn wearing a Riviera H3 T shirt: www.theoldinn.co.uk

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