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NEXT RUN N°806 3/1/2016
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R*N REPORT N° 805 20/12/2015

WALKERS' REPORT 805 20/12/2015
Duchess of Cambridge

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Birthday of "the Special One"

Run Report here.

Walkers' report by The Duchess of Cambridge.

Tipsy from the mulled wine we walk slowly through the village.
Not many walkers today: Mme Mouton, Iron Lady, Duchess, Long&Hard, Sadist and Peadophil.

Sadist tries to speed up the pace, the others loosey-goosey, just along for the ride.
We stop and visit the Chapelle de Saint Jean: a naif fresco painting receives dissimilar comments.
It depicts kids watching under the rain a Noah's ark boarding pairs of improbable animals of incongruous sizes and our thought goes immediately to the recent floods and mud slides that have stricken Tourrettes.
We resume walking along roads sweet smelling of eucalyptus trees and freshly cut hedges.
Wrinkled elephant skin rocks alternate with grassy terrains where we spot flowers and mushrooms.
When we get to the beer stop our attention is attracted by a jujube tree loaded with fruits, but it's too late in the season and they have turned brown and mouldy, so we agree we must plan the same beer stop next year but in September.

(It looks as if you have a volunteer there Madam Mouton. Ed.)

Oh! The excitement of recognising old classmates.

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