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NEXT RUN N° 792 21/6/2015
Spare Rib

R*N REPORT N° 791 7/6/2015

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Run 792 - at The Mountains of Midsummer Madness

The following are fragments of a diary found in the jurassic ice (box) below Gattieres, only some of the words could be be deciphered...

Strange days...More runners than walkers.. A late start due to the Hare getting lost on the return from the beer stop.

Light on numbers but heavy on Down Downs...Frozen water to counter the heatstroke....Remember the Duchess of Cambridge!

Returners, we had a few...a visitor, we had but one...from Abuja, Talking Doll!

Devious checks from Sadist....A Lonely FRB...CumsKwicker lost in the jungle....Follow the flour!

Talking Doll decides she is a walker after all..Iron Lady marches them up to the top of the hill...

Flat run promised by Sadist...start at the bottom of the valley... Gattieres: altitude 295m.. we looked down upon the village from afar.

Devious checks from Sadist....we lost CumsQuicker on the north face of the Intermarché...follow the flour!

Beer camp 1 reached...the walkers rested...Crisps/Chips rations depleted...Intermarché closed....CumsQuicker emerges tattered and torn...self medicates with KFC wet wipe.

Long and Hard loses last water bottle (top)...

Second half..short descent.. all down hill... Pilchard loses trail and becomes a walker... does not run to Vence...

Duchess of Cambridge survives...makes it safely to Circle Camp...carried over the line by Talking Doll

Down Downs...

Hares: Madame Mouton and Sadist
Returners: Pilchard, Lonely, CumsQuicker
Visitor(s): Talking Doll
Birthdays: Sadist (900 runs young), Lonely, Prestressed (sub. Pilchard), Confusion (sub. Madame Mouton)
Gus 100th Anniversary attendees: Sadist, Duchess of Cambridge, Cumalot, Long and Hard.
Lost on trail: CumsQuicker
Nigerian National Anthem: Talking Doll
In memorandum: KnickerLicker, Angel of Death and Big End
Fathers Day: Cumalot, Lonely, Duchess of Cambridge
No times for mugs or SotW, the restaurant awaits.
It was just a semi-circle.
Thanks again to the Hares for the trail and to the Mini-Thai for not being too full, even during the 'fate of pears'day.

A word from the web editor: Who wrote this? What's with all the .....? My web editor doesn't like them and I had reprogram them all! All 31 of them!
Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

Look left
R*n 793: NEXT HASH 5 - Jul

Circle at 4 pm at Ste Margueritte Chapel. Go through the village of Le Broc on the D1 north towards Bouyon. After about 1 km on the right is a signpost for Ste Margueritte, 2.9 kms. Meet at the Chapel. Run / walk will have water features to help dehydrate. On - down at the Estragon (as usual !), on the terrace overlooking the splendid Mercantour range of mountains.

This will be a SHORT run / walk (due to the heat), so the On -Down will be around 6.30 / 7 pm.

On - on !! Spare Rib xx