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What a glorious day , sunshine and heat , it looked like Xmas time in OZ but without Koalas.

Aussie Christmas Tree;

Where do all those Santas come from ? They are everywhere, I can even see a Xmas tree, complete with balls, all around his head. It looks like it is Xmas today.

A nice and hot Vin Chaud is offered to all the new comers with home-made pies from Mme Mouton. Thank you Mme. Mouton. That will help to give us energy to start the run. THE HARE starts telling us that today is the shortest day of the year so the run is the shortest run of the year, but some complained later,,,,,,,(How do you know when the Hare is lying? His lips are moving ! Ed.),,,,. The trails are the same for the runners and walkers... mon Oeil!

THE DEPART , here we go, starting down hill and not too hard, talking about beer and hops I missed the check,, bon d'accord, return back. Very pleasant run on dry leaves, it is like a soft carpet , just how we like it.
PILCHARD ask me to wait for him he is already knackered and did not want to be left behind. Cumalot and Padre are already out of sight, but we are going to catch up with all the checks. I never saw so many.

A few walkers with their dogs are surprised and keep smiling at us but the dogs are barking, do not like the crazy red. .
Not too much surprised , falls trails, check, rechecks, re-rechecks, come back again... but it is hard after all night in a dancing club, falling off the stage, No Peadophil it was not pole dancing, as you accused me. (She was pissed out of her mind. Ed.) However there is a good range of choice for short cutting but dressed in red it could be noticed...

The beer stop is not too far away, thank you Santa. What service, with waitresses and napkins and trays, luxury beer stop with Vin Chaud and pies again; Time to take photos, keep smiling.

We even had a very healthy Mandarines trees to pick up organic fruit. Time to go down hill, and down hill, to the village. Lucky us it is Xmas market, so some decided to look around and search for some tasting stuff, but they were left behind...(No wonder they were late for the circle. Ed.)
Puffing and sweating we have to go up hill again. With Pilchard we missed the check and ended up hill and saw Padre running like a rabbit down hill, calling ONON, Shit, we have to go all the way back, a shame we could not fly but we tried. There was a nasty root on the ground so I flew over and landed 2 meters further up the trail, a bit with bells around but it Xmas; Padre cheered me and off we jumped again between the nice bush.(What Bush are we talking about here. Ed.)
Then we run through the paintball training camp, that makes you accelerate....good to be back home. A few, walkers, are missing but we have to hurry;
The circle starts as a car just arrived and Mme Mouton said thank you to the driver, whinging that the trail was too long for her???!!
I think it is called hitch hiking;

Then Santa spoiled us with presents for all of us, even the naughty ones.
(And there were lots of those. Ed.)

A few down downs and off to eat in the restaurant where, some of the older members may remember, in the past, Harley Davidson,who is French, went for the throat of some French customers who were complaining about the bad behavior of the English.
Using her best legalese she presented the case for the defense stating the nationalities of all concerned which confused them as we had so many different countries represented, much as we had on this occasion, and also many actual French.
Game, Set and Match.

This time we had a grumpy French restauranteur.

Not like this one.

Boy was he miserable. Wet Spot had to pick something off the menu and was not allowed to have the choice we were offered. (That will teach him to order on time in future. Ed.)

And to finish with...........................

Upcumming Events
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R*n 780: NEXT HASH 4-Jan

We can now confirm the next run will take place 100hrs. for 1030 hrs. start from the car park at the end of the village of Montauroux, up the hill at the end of the square .

The restaurant will NOT be Brunos but Chez Martine and Simon.

Exit Peage Les Adrets 39, Fayence, D37 and go around the Lac until you reach the roundabout.
Straight across, direction Montauroux and stay on the D37 until you reach the village. At the end of the village, carry straight on, ( the village square on your right, maybe covered in a giant Marque.) up the hill, a one way street called Rue St. Brigitte. About 300m fork left after the hairdressers. Turn left for the car park entrance.


Padre and Phd.