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Run Report 771

What do you get when you promise gorgeous weather, a mountainous trail around beautiful Lac St Cassien, and an opportunity to skinny dip for the last time this summer??? A grand turnout of approximately 30 half minds!

Chalk talk began promptly at hash time, give or take 30 minutes, (You can tell Padre has been away. Standards have slipped.Ed.) with trail instructions coming from Padre and Prestressed. There appeared to be a lot of confusion on whether we should carry our beer to the beer stop and the availability of Gin and Tonics at said beer stop. Both questions were answered to the hash's approval following some delicate diplomatic discussions. A final word of warning was given by Padre...."If you don't want to get lost, don't follow Boobs". Seemed a fair enough warning, but wondered who would actually heed it??

The announcement was made for the runners to leave 5 minutes early (meaning we'd get to the beer first??) so the large pack of 30 graciously pushed out 6 of us to hit the running trail (5 runners and Pull It who claimed she would walk, due to her bionic hip, the runners trail but ended up running most of it).

The trail went off towards the road we came in on (away from the mountain and lake??) to our first check. This was immediately solved and had us going back towards the mountain trail. A friendly encounter with a local fisherman and his dog confirmed that we missed the second checkpoint but quickly regained our wits and back on trail... towards the starting point. With a hearty cheer about great trail, right length, where's the beer?,

Padre quickly corrected the runners with a dollop of flour towards the right direction. And it was here that Padre contradicted himself... as I Like Your Boobs was leading the pack on a non-marked trail, being followed by a grumbling Padre about us being lost and Shit of The Week nominations. ILYBs quickly reminded him that he didn't follow his own warnings regarding following Boobs. Fortunately a quick right and then left then had us back on trail merging with the walkers for a short period.

After this, the runners then proceeded to go up, up, up, up with instructions by Prestressed to wait at the hunters lodge at the top (well done to Just David who never stopped running, keeping a nice rhythmic pace, must be that prior tank driving training). After several diversionary checks the trail kept rising with no lodge, nor end, in sight.

No slowing down Perpetual Motion, he continued sprinting upward, like a Hamster on a treadmill, until realizing a missed checkpoint and slowly came back down where the pack turned to the left.

( It brought back sad memories of my Hamster who recently passed away.
He died at the wheel. Ed.)

Following this diversion, we were told by Padre to hold at the large house on the left... sensing a theme here. But alas, there truly was a maison of long time past, missing a few things such as a wall, roof and plumbing. How the hell did they manage to do their shopping. The pack was then informed by Padre to wait ten minutes while he went to go find a trail that he couldn't find when setting the trail on Saturday.

A very pleasant location in which to wait though.

View from near the summit.

Shady at best but we waited like good lemmings. Right at 10 minutes Padre returned with news that the trail was ready.

He said, "I do not remember being absent minded."

Following some steep rock scrambling, led by Jobsworth who seemed to be slipping every 2nd step, we were back on the road and galloping towards the beer stop.

Beer near here, somewhere !

The walkers were spotted on the other side of the lake at said Beer stop drinking all the beer, which provided the runners with a renewed sense of urgency, especially with comments of only one beer left (there is no truth that Boobs tripped Sadist and pushed him down the embankment on the dash in for that one remaining beer...)

The runners finally arrived at the beer stop with the walkers providing comments about what a slow lot the runners were. This was taken in stride, especially with cold beer and a refreshing dip in the Lac. The walkers then took off 5 minutes early while the runners ended up finishing any remaining beer. The trail then followed the walker trail (except for one perverse dummy loop with a grinning Padre at the start and finish of this loop) and then on in to the circle.

Devious loop in here somewhere. Just look at all that Blue sky.

We arrived back at the start exhaustipated.
Exhaustipated; Too tired to give a shit.

Overall a very scenic, challenging trail with some great elevation gain and refreshing vistas. Very well done!

And finally...............................

A married man should forget his mistakes. There's no use in two people remembering the same thing!

Xmas 2014
Details here.

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R*n 772: NEXT HASH 12-Oct

Run 772 on 12th October - Come and help cure that Tourrettes syndrome
Meet at 10h00 for 10h30 at Galerie Beaubourg, Notre Dame des Fleurs, Vence

Notre Dame des Fleurs is just off the d2210 at the city limits on the road from Vence to Tourrettes sur Loup. You should count on a 25 minute drive from the Cagnes sur Mer autoroute exit to get there (unless coming from, err, Tourrettes, La Gaude, Gattières or somewhere else where it frankly makes no sense to first head down to Cagnes).

Exit the A8 at Cagnes sur Mer and follow the signs all the way to Vence. Once in Vence, follow the signs for the d2210 Tourrettes sur Loup. Follow the d2210 for about 2km to a roundabout (after marvelling at the giraffes on the way). Go straight over the roundabout (for the directionally challenged, you will see the Salle Jacques Falcoz on the far left at said roundabout).
Turn right 200 metres after the roundabout onto Allée des Eucalyptus (Notre Dame des Fleurs).
Follow the signs to Galerie Beauborg and park 100 m uphill after the entrance to the Galerie.

The meal will be at the restaurant "Les Belles Terrasses", close to the start point at 13h30. As I was asked to keep it simple I agreed to a 3 course meal of salade nicoise, fish and tart. Please will you confirm to me whether you plan to eat by Friday. Equally, if any veggies are real veggies as opposed to fish eating ones, please let me know.
The cost of the feast is €19 plus wine.