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Run 764 - Virgin Territory with Sex Club

The hard core of the Riviera hash turned out to be the small group to join Sex Club's initiation as a hare at RH3, others being away on vacation, fearful that it might rain or too lazy to be on parade. She had chosen virgin territory in Le Cannet to be the place for her perversions. Her advertised co-hare Smelly-Poo chose a fragrant absence.

The start was slightly delayed to await a promised virgin- who never arrived; so Sex Club gathered an opening circle to explain what would happen for those lusting after exercise. Then Procul arrived and was adopted by Sex Club as the sacrificial virgin she had been longing for. And she recommenced her instructions. The hash was to be run under Swiss rules. What they? No flour! Instead Sex Club exposed that she had used a different instrument to mark the course ; she whipped out a dildo looking object and proceeded to bend over and inscribe blue arrows on the ground. She had marked the trail in blue chalk. Then she gave detailed descriptions of the trail. It was to be an A to B run. B being the beach, but where A was was not exactly stated. Maps were also distributed in case we got lost, including the bus timetable so we could return to the start and emergency phone numbers. Scanned copies of the maps are attached so that anyone wishing to follow the delights of the trail can, with the help of Google maps, treat themselves to a virtual on-line version of the parcours (this will not however count as official attendance at the hash for statistical purposes).

So the off for the runners was announced. Runners numbers being down from 1.5 last hash to 1 this time. Procul being the only runner was a little confused to be the athlete of the day but set off in the hope he would find the trail. Coco and Contessa set off by bike- it being downhill all the way, to punish themselves for the lack of exercise they carried heavy chains. The walkers followed and indeed found the arrows in blue chalk. They seemed to run out after a while. But nevertheless we followed our noses towards the sea. False trails were noticeable by their absence. Of course the Swiss would not have anything so devious; there was a rue de Suisse en route which was no doubt part of the hare's Helvetic plan. We passed a lively street market on the way and at Cannes we went by the busy Forville market- great dangers of losing hashers here to shopping. Then we reached the sea and wandered along the promenade to the Parc Mistral which was to be the B for B and B for Beer Stop , which was also the end of the trail.

It was a delightful cool spot for refreshment. A closing circle was held. Down downs were given for

The Hare -Sex Club

The Virgin -Procul

The Returner -Mollybells

The bikers -Coco and Contessa

The shoppers -Long & Hard and Dire Rear

The Brussels interhashers -Fairy Plunger and Sadist

The only non-mugless -Sadist

The chaingang -Contessa and Coco

Shit of the Week was on vacation

A snack had been arranged from a kiosk nearby and we relaxed reading the Sunday Times or watching the scantily covered bodies of the beach sex club.

5-7 September, Dublin Away Weekend
Details here.

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Details here.

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