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Word from the editor: This was Jessie the day before trying to eat the Walkers' trail:


Arriving at the parking area for our annual Riviera hash run it was nice to see some familiar faces again. A warm welcome and hash chat followed whilst waiting for all to arrive. Your venerable GM on his trusty bike changing into hash gear was noted to have an enormous hole in his sock ! Does he need a buxom wench to darn his socks – no not in the Riviera ! Conversation or networking? Can you arrange travel insurance in case of major disaster for repatriation? Now about my accounts? This is a hash - supposed to be fun and frivolity – more of that later!!

Water handed out, instructions from the hares and a 10.00am start. Only 5 runners – quel dommage!!! Across the island, down a cycle track and into the woods following a remarkably well laid trail, all went well until the front runners returned reporting a cross and then the next 15 minutes spent looking for alternatives and mutterings about never usually this devious….. Eventually back to the cross which well ..wasn’t a cross Hmm…… Next excitement was another mark which just might just possibly have been a “ B “but that was just wishful thinking. Loads of false trails , up n downs , pretty stream , a huge pink fungi, occasional glimpses of walkers with babies and even a hare – with an” its that way “ - little wooded paths and then a bloody great check with an arrow. Why did two front runners go searching for the trail? On following the pylons and eventually out of the woods onto another cycle path and up a sodding great hot hill to the dog poo stop with the beer wagon next to it . Ah at last … all the walkers already there, beer, panache, wine n water but WHAT … no gin n tonic. Catastrophe!! J’ai dissolute… no – desole…! Last year I bragged to all and sundry about the Riviera hash being the only hash I had ever been on that served up G & T‘s at beer stops. Well the wine went down well, very well, in fact very, very well! Time to catch up with the exploits of the walkers who all seemed to have enjoyed some nice exercise down a slippery slope (so Broken Man tells me) to the river where he had a deep desire to just sit and chill out in the river but the thought of soggy shorts prevented him.
I decided to join the walkers for the second half of the trail as I decided that if there was a viewpoint still to come, it probably meant going up another bloody hill! But no ….the viewpoint mark was actually hidden behind a rock at the bottom of the valley and most people missed it as they too expected it to be at the top of a hill. Nice thought though, thank you hares.
Well, the second half was all of five minutes long back to the cars and down downs and circle at the closed café.

Down downs for the hares and returnees and me for having new shoes. Wine out of new shoes whilst gently pole dancing is quite a new concept for the circle. Must introduce this at home!
Down downs for hats in circle and all the usual drivel then into chariots to the auberge.

I was impressed! Great food, great atmosphere, great company great conversation, fun and frivolity with great cabaret with much laughter from all around. Such a difference here. Its hard to get hashers at home to spend more than a couple of quid on cheesy chips after hashing.

Thanks to all for a brilliant well laid trail and hope to see you all again next year! On On Fallen Woman, Broken Man & our chauffeur Pullit xx

5-7 September, Dublin Away Weekend
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