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Never Cums

Run 717 - Xmas Run

We gathered on a cool, overcast morning in Gattières. The last time most of us had been there was to attend an opera on a balmy Summer evening in July. To warm us up Mme Mouthon supplied mulled wine and mince pies. The runners needed fortifying for 2 reasons. There was only 4 of us and one of those was Dyson who is not much good in sniffing out false trails. Secondly, the hare was Sadist so Christmas cheer would be in short supply. And it was as we immediately negotiated a lung bursting ascent. Perpetch carried on ascending at the first check which proved false. The correct route was flattish and on road. But not for long as we carried onwards and inevitably upwards. If anything the road was even steeper. Perpetch went wrong again at the top which allowed Padre, Prestressed and Dyson to catch up. Our ribcages rattled on the steep descent to the road which we thought was the route for the walkers of whom there was no sign. They were either walking fast or the runners had been distinctly sluggish. Probably the latter. We did catch the walkers eventually on yet another ascent to a track which followed the contour of the hill. Most of the walkers took a track downwards but the runners correctly turned left and the Beer Sign appeared as did the sun. The beer stop was leisurely with champagne in evidence. I wonder what a local couple foraging for firewood thought of the scene?

Sadist warned us of a very tricky, perhaps dangerous, start to the second half.
But in view of some of the runs we have had, particularly those hared by Padre, it seemed pretty tame. The second half was mercifully short and the heart attack climbs of the first half were forgotten.

The restaurant was a different one to which we attended back in July and approaching 1400 hrs we had it to ourselves. Daube in restaurants can vary in quality and it was excellent fare we consumed and big portions to boot.

Mme Mouthon is setting a dangerous precedent in hosting excellent Christmas runs.

Down Downs (or at least some of them)

Hares: Mme Mouthon, Sadist

Being like little old ladies? Coco and Duchess of Cambridge

Not wearing Christmas garb: Most of us

Birthdays: JC and Mme Mouthon

SOW Nominations: Farty Bum, Pedo, Mme Mouthon and Klingon Klingon won narrowly despite being in Kuala Lumpur. Farty Bum drank on his behalf.

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25th Anniversary 16-17 March 2013 Details here.

UK Nash Hash 23-26 August 2013Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
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Look left
R*n 718: NEXT HASH 6-Jan

Meet 10:30 for 11:00

Come and join the first hash of 2013 to shake off the cobwebs of the festive season. It will start (and hopefully finish) in the car park behind the Casino supermarket in the St Philippe area of Sophia Antipolis.
This being the end of the holiday season, the onon will be relatively simple fayre chez Jobsworth & Never Cums, a short walk/ride from the start point. Please confirm if you will attend the onon to Never Cums at ailsa.emmott@orange.fr or 0611655866.

As there have been a few hashes in this area over the last year, there is no excuse to get lost in the well planned Sophia maze. For those who don’t know where Casino is, here are some directions.

From the A8, exit Antibes and take the d535 direction Biot. The road goes downhill & then uphill. Turn right at the roundabout and then left at the one named Carrefour des Chappes onto the d504 Route des Colles direction Sophia. (Do NOT turn right towards Biot). Turn right at the next roundabout, Carrefour St Philippe. (You will see Casino from the roundabout). As you drive down this road, you will see the golf course entrance on your left and several restaurants on your right. Turn into the commercial centre just after the restaurants, drive through it and park at the back of Casino.

From Valbonne, drive towards Antibes. Either go to the A8 exit and follow the above or, if feeling ready to brave Sophia, take the entrance to the park that is the d504 signposted Biot. Keep following it through the maze until the Carrefour St Philippe roundabout. You will see the Casino supermarket here and should turn left and follow the instructions to the car park at the back as per the above paragraph.

No sympathy will be given to anyone who leaves the d504 anywhere except where indicated, especially if you end up in Biot or Valbonne village (or, god forbid, Garbejaire). If you have not found the start within 5 minutes of leaving the A8 or entering the park, make sure that you have read the instructions or phone me on 0607938501.