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Run 706 A Run Too Var or Hot in La Motte

A sunny day, and hot, Run 706, beyond the Var and too alien a land for many Riviera hashers to venture to on a sultry Sunday afternoon: a carpark on the edge of La Motte, South of Draguignan. So far away!!Quelle horreur!! But somehow a number of stalwarts made it there in time, along with a handful of returnees and some brave visitors from Old Blighty. There were even 5 more than the original 15 who had signed up to eat apres hash! After much discussion with the restaurant, it was agreed we would all be fed, though there were murmurs of concern that the portions would be shared...Tant pis!
The hare Perpetch turned up to burble out some instructions. Disconcertingly, he looked as though he had been dragged through a hedge backwards but assured us in the tones of someone demented from too much sun & too many hills, that there was trail to follow, both for runners and walkers, and that there would be a beer stop for all, somewhere along the way...
No Padre to get us started on time, but the pack eventually got going well before dark, and off we set, uphill through the village, bravely, as we had been warned that the first half was worse than 2nd. Or would the difference just be an illusion due to the beer stop? The heat and sun beckoned us to a siesta in the shade, but still we pressed on resolutely: on up, on up.. beaten down by the ruthless sun...
Despite the promise of forested hills, most of the trail, for a long time at least, seemed to be road and broad forestry tracks, with not so much of a shiver of leafy shadow to ameliorate the relentless heat. Somehow we were all surviving; runners walking up hill, walkers staggering; but the worst for wear was Jake the doglet, who was saved from dehydration by palmfuls of water and Hawkeye galloping in search of a water dish. Trail clear to follow and some occasional splendid views through the trees.
Occasionally runners and walkers nearly met, and apart from a few FRB's, in slow motion, we all made it to the beer stop, in a forest clearing. Sadist was first to arrive, and somehow survived an ant attack (& being mistaken for a murdered tourist) as he reclined on a fallen tree/ant nest as Pedo, man with keys, turned up within a few minutes to unlock the beer wagon, & bring out the heavenly amber nectar & more...

So much for the easy on trail back to La Motte! for the few runners, a pleasant cooler shady track through the woodland suddenly turned into a treacherous dusty stony, black -slope -style near vertical descent to the main road . But no rope to swing down on, and only spiny thorn bushes to grasp on to control the hideous seemingly endless, indeed unpleasant & dangerous plummet down. Had the coast hugging absent hashers had a hint of this, and decided strategically to stay away? But then it was the main road, along which there was not too much petrol to avoid, and eventually an easy run or stagger back to base.
Somehow everyone made it back, and relief! stop! plentiful beer to quench our thirsts, & wine, although precious H2O had run dry Sadist agreed to be RA and FartyBum took notes, as follows:

DOWN DOWNS, (presided by Sadist)

Because she wanted a beer: Saddlesniffer
Hare: Perpetch
Returners: Generator, Chris & Val, Rubbermaid & Saddlesniffer, Lois
Visitors: Hawkeye and Krysia (from High Wycombe)
Competitive: Krysia (for the runners), Long & Hard (3rd last walker who raced into the beer stop screaming "I won! I won!") Topless at the circle: Andrea
Hooker-Predator: Virgin Mouth - Celebrating with Riviera Radio in Monaco, she passed Prince Albert on the way to the loo and managed to entangle his sleeve in the beadwork of her dress. Then her boob popped out, hiding the joining place and making it impossible for Prince Albert to escape until helped by his security officer
Hashing away with the Bullingdon hash: Fairy Plunger
Outstanding trailmarking or Wasting flour, take your pick: Perpetch
Mug forgery to hide loss of own mug: Skinny A
In memory of Hash Tache: All humans and dogs

Sadist for disrespecting dogs, Farty Bum for not doing anything worthy of shit of the week, Perpetch for something. And the winner was Sadist, chosen by the new silent voting method, a raising of hands

The circle unravelled and off we went to the restaurant, to dine on daube (or was it Irish stew, a la francais, without the spuds?) outside in the fresh evening air of a delightful garden near the rippling river...a good reward to end the day...

On on on...


In Memoriam Hash 'tache

So. Farewell
Then Hash 'tache.

We would hear your little bell
As you rushed past us,
Then charged back
To find Wuff Diva.

Is there a doggy heaven?
Most pets find that a trained owner
Creates a paradise down here,
And being let loose at the hash
Is heaven indeed.


With acknowledgements to E J Thribb (aged 17 )

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R*n 708: NEXT HASH 14 -Oct

Directions to Menton Hash Sunday Oct 14, 2012
10:30 meet for an 11:00 Start

Meeting Place - Parking at the 'MarcheU' supermarket on the bord de mer in Menton (direction towards Frontiere /Italie- see details below))

Contessa and Coco have the pleasure of inviting you to encounter Menton!
History, charm, grand views, secret impasses and discovery of the original quartiers in the authentic Fossan (hills) and valley. Runners get ready to RUN! Walkers: this is a city Hash, so no climbing boots/batons are needed unless you really want to use them. Can be done in any good walking shoes.

Contessa's tel 0615069214. Coco's tel 0628163460

To arrive by car: Take the A8, exit Menton, make your way down the hill from the autoroute. Or possible to arrive on Basse Corniche from Monaco. Once on the seafront in the center of town, you should drive East (dir. towards Italy). Follow the coastal road around the curve (Vieux Port) and keep following this coastal road (pizza restos will be on your left/sea on the Right). Keep on this coastal road direction towards the Frontiere of Italie, until you come to a stop light and you will turn Right down towards the sea into a big Parking. You know you are in the correct place when you see two stone lions perched at the entrance turnoff. There is a supermarket here (Marche U) and a Post Office and also a children's playground. Meeting in the parking lot beyond Marche U supermarket . note: If you have gone past the Port Garavan on the coastal road you have gone too far!

To arrive by train- Exit at Menton Garavan, cross the street (coastal road)towards the sea, go towards the Right(West/ towardsMenton centre) a few hundred meters then turn Left at the stoplight into the Parking at the Marche U supermarket (read above).

The On On is also down in the area of this Parking, two minutes from where we Start and Finish, so you can leave your car parked at the Circle (and change your clothes) without needing to drive anywhere. To give you the widest latitude of options, we have selected a Tex Mex Restaurant, no set group menu. You can order for example, the BBQ Cowboy Platter, a gourmet Cheeseburger, Tapas, a pizza, pasta or a big salad etc whatever you want, and eat for between 7 euro to 22 euro. We will be passing a menu around at the Beer Stop to get everyone?s order and give the chef an idea of what to prepare for us. So everyone can order as you wish!