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Run Report 695 - Sunday 15th April 2012

Cumalot took a look at the long range weather forecast and swiftly delegated the run he generously volunteered for, at short notice, to Perpetual Motion, who therefore had even less notice to prepare for a run..

As the hardy few left the comfort of their warm abode, early in the morning, to drive down the wet, spray riddled, Peage towards the starting point they were surprised to see patches of blue sky beginning to appear.

The Religious Advisor's magic was working!

A small but perfectly formed group of vagabonds drove up and down the car park looking for a safe herding spot and, being small, the insecure were able to feel safe in the knowledge that there were familiar faces around them. You can not be too cautious in the Var Bandit country.

So, the vastly experienced runners were sent on their way with the instructions, "Follow the flour", and the walkers led by the nose by Perpetual Motion to the bottom of the grassy slope.

Paedophil and Padre soon left everyone behind.......... being the only two runners this was not hard.
Up the gently hill of about 500 metres or so and we are looking down on the village which is tiny in the extreme. It looked just like toy town. And stretched out before us the beautiful rolling hills covered in a multitude of Piggy Paths. A hares delight.

Ten minutes into the run and the dynamic duo catch sight of Perpetual Motion marking out the check for us. When questioned why, he said he thought we were in front of him. They had to explain that not only was finding the correct trail a little more difficult with only two runners but they were stopping to commune with nature. The floral display was magnificent, wild iris abundant, endangered orchids and a riot of colour.

Over the hill (and that is just the two runners) down the other side and then a big sweeping loop with a few checks. Paedophil said he knew the way because he had previous dropped the beer car off. However, Padre soon caught on and decided to ignore Paedophil and go with his intuition. This was not much of an improvement but gave them an equal chance to make fun of each others lack of prowess.

A brief detour down what appeared to be a private drive, through a farm's back yard and back up over the hill and down to the beer stop. As the runners leaped over the hill, like Mary Poppins full of the joys of spring, the gaggle of walkers could be seen approaching from the left having cut across the top of the hill without the runner's loop.
Perpetual Motion used the captive audience, at the beer stop, to put forward his ideas regarding a joint away weekend with the R.M. and B. HHH. I am sure more will be forthcoming at a later date.

P. Motion asked if the runners would run the second half and unfortunately for him they said yes and so he asked for a 5 minute start as he had to lay part of the trail. 10 minutes later, both runners start off after the walkers and after 500 metres Paedophil announces he is returning to the car to ensure the beer is at the finish for Padre when he eventually arrives. Padre manfully continued on his own

A brief but challenging second half conducted at speed as there was much altitude to lose. The first half must have had more up than previously thought.

Padre started to overtake the walkers in sight of the finish and arrived at the beer car as the first walkers entered the far end of the car park.
Expert timing, a beautiful run, ideal running weather and apparently about 8kms. for the runner/s delectation.

Thank you Perpetual Motion, especially as you had to start laying the run at seven in the morning due to the inclement weather.

Down Downs awarded to;
Hare Perpetual Motion
Paedophil Not having his mug.
Long and Hard has now come 50 times and was awarded her mug to commemorate the event.
She also wanted some singing and therefore she now has her own dedicated Down Down song.
This will be given it full public airing, after this premier, at the next run.
Returner Confusion
Shit of the week went to Long and Hard for her complaining about the flavour of the crisps.
(Chips if you are North American )
The only way we could shut her up was to make sure she had something filling her mouth.
Circle short and sweet as we had to make our way to the restaurant before closing time.

Not Many People Know That..............

How did Perpetual Motion get his name ?

Contrary to popular perception it is not because of his Cycling, Swimming or Running but that other athletic feat of his, the speed Down Down.
When the young Perpetual Motion joined our illustrious band, without a Hash name, all those years ago, he was keen to impress us with his ability. During one of his first Down Downs he was impressing us with the speed with which he was quaffing, that is until he suffered a blow back and the beer started coming down his nose and back into his glass.
Perpetual Motion indeed.
Not a recommended way to improve the taste of your Kronenborg.
So now you know.

It was then quickly off to the restaurant before they closed, to sample some wonderful fare. They cold buffet was worth the admission fee alone.
As we sat there relaxing, supping our wine, the heavens opened and we watched the rivers of water cascading off of the awnings thinking ourselves lucky the run started half and hour earlier than usual.

The latest toy to hit the shops.
A talking Muslim doll.
Nobody knows what it says as they have not found anyone brave enough to pull the cord.

ZH3 Black Magic Weekend - 8th - 10th June 2012
Check out this website.
Away Weekends
More Info.
Gothenburg Hash - First week of September 2012 Gothenburg Hash
Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
To see what world hash events are coming up, check out this website:
Hash events.
Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

Look left
R*n 696: NEXT HASH 29 -Apr

Run 696 - BLAUSASC FOREST Meet at 10:30 for 11:00
Proudly organized by the two Italian fledglings Andrea and Coco (in rigorous alphabetical order)
Contact Hare : e-mail: andrea.pavarin@tiscali.it
ph: 06 98 03 49 05 - 04 93 29 87 83

A8 exit 55 Nice Est / La Trinité / L'Ariane,
Keep on the left lane and exit three-fourths of the way around the roundabout towards La Trinité / Contes (pénétrante du Paillon),
After 3 km, at the traffic lights, keep left towards Contes / Sospel,
After 0.2 km keep right on the main road towards Sospel / Contes,
After 2 km at the roundabout, go straight on towards Contes / L'Escarène,
After 2.7 km at the roundabout take 2nd exit D2204 towards L'Escarène / Sospel,
After 200 m locate on the left the "Chez Régine" restaurant (where we will have lunch) and on the right its large parking lot,
After 1.5 km at the intersection turn right towards Blausasc.
Pull over to the right side after 300m and park in the lay by.
N.B.: in total it's only 10 minutes from exit 55 of A8.

RESTAURANT - Menu at €20 (drinks included)
- Pissaladière OR mixed salad
- Raviolis maison à la daube OR farcis niçois sur lit de mesclun
- Tarte chaude
- Drinks (1/4 wine OR 1 draft beer OR 1 soft drink OR 1/2 water)
- Coffee

Please confirm restaurant before Thursday evening (e-mail andrea.pavarin@tiscali.it or ph. 06 98 03 49 05 or ph. 04 93 29 87 83)

Marco, my 14-year-old son will be there, so teenagers are welcome.
... and sure enough Bling Bling and Flip Flopper are the finalists; come to the Hash and place your bets.