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Hash run 678 18 September 2011

Where's the hash? Who is the hare? What are the directions? When is it? Panic from everyone but eventually Tidal Dave let us know that we should meet at 10 for 10.30 at Chateauneuf/Pre du Lac. Well I suppose that after having visitors from Newcastle on Tyne at the previous hash we should return the visit and meet at Newcastle on Grass. Now where would we meet? Confusion about how many roundabouts we should go through, where do you start counting them? They have a tendency to pop up overnight so if you thought there were 3 to go through yesterday, there are probably 4 to go through today.

Another element to overcome was the weather. Flour laid the previous day tends to disappear when the heavens open and rain falls with the force of a pressure hose at 8am on Sunday morning. And it deters those reluctant hashers who prefer a morning in bed or who get drenched at bus stops. Also an expeditionary force was taking the ferry to Corsica that day, so it was a small select group who managed to find their way to the start.

Tidal Dave directed the runners across the phantom lake of Pre du Lac fame for a pointless loop, while co-hare Chris led the walkers group up the hill. Returning to the start after the loop the runners picked up visitors Bluesuit and SBJ who had managed to find the start and we followed the uphill trail the walkers had taken. Some checks around Chateauneuf inevitably found us going downhill towards Opio, which meant of course that there would be some steep uphill later on. After descending a cunning footpath we ended up at a check by a cemetery; the downhill possibilities turned out to be falsies and a short steep hill was the correct trail taking us through Opio and eventually ending up by the golf course on the plain below Opio. This was about time, I thought, for the beer stop , so hopefully I expected the beer car to be parked, say, at the sports stadium, but no it wasn't there; and the trail went on towards the Vignal tennis club, another good place for a beer stop; but it wasn?t there either, and we seemed to be heading out still further. Enthusiasm for a break kept Wedgie, Sadist and Bluesuit still running; we were now going past familiar territory, past the house where Likker and La Pipe had once hosted great parties years ago. Tidal Dave disappeared into the distance, and the runners reduced their pace to walking speed. Miles from the start we found the beer car and the walkers who had been tucking into crisps and drinks for ages.

In spite of the lashings of rain earlier in the morning, the rain had been relatively light and wetness of attire was more due to perspiration than precipitation. However Chateauneuf still seemed a long way off at the top of cloud-covered hills as we made a start on the return. The roads in the bottom of the valley all seemed incredibly steep so we tried to keep to the rule that Numbskull from Aberdeen insisted on of not running up hills; both walkers and runners managed to keep fairly close together especially as the hare advised us not to take the runners trail which he would keep for use on another hash.

So we all found ourselves back at the starting carpark where Pedophil acted as RA in the circle and called for the following downdowns which he wrote down on a scrap of paper and I might just manage to read it (apologies for any inaccuracies):

Hares- Tidal Dave and Chris
Sub-hares: Astrid and Ryan
Virgins: Chris and the sub-hares
Visitors: Duchess and Numbskull from Aberdeen and Bluesuit and SBJ from East Grinstead and Surrey
Birthdays: Duck's Ass and Tidal Dave
Returners: Duck's Ass, SBJ and Tidal Dave
Late comer: Confusion
Wedgie- for beating the Kangaroos? ( something to do with the Irish beating the Wallabies in the rugby world cup)
Shit of the week nominations for SBJ (false degustation) Chris (foam abuse) and the winner was Duchess who performed tricks with a pink umbrella

So ONON to Corsica!

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