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HASH 12 JUNE 2011

The hash met near a wooded glade close by a sparkling river dappled by the sunlight making its way through the bright green leaves of an early summer day in France. Quite poetic really till Perpetch started shouting in that way that reminds me of the parade ground scene in 'Carry on up the Khyber'. Anyway we set off, the walkers gossiping in their usual idle way and the runners at a good pace, heads high and chests out, particularly the women I notice like to run like this. What fine athletes the runners must be thought the walkers. To run all that way, up all those hills down all those dales, very impressive.

The trail was great, by the side of the river and through some wonderful scenery. We even had to wade through the river for a while. An unfortunate side effect of this soaking is that my boots now smell like a rotting fish that's been left out in the sun. Smellier than smelly poo, the real thing, not our fragrant Smelly Poo. The beer stop was good apart from the fact that the stand-in beer meister, Farty Bum, only used three ice cubes from her fridge to cool down fifty seven bottles of beer and six litres of vin rose. It was from the beer stop that Sneaky Bastard, unable to find the walkers trail, decided to return with the runners. "You better not" said Prestressed, "You might slow us down". Well, quelle blague, the runners (some of them anyway) should be renamed 'the puffers and panters' or the 'lets sit down on this tree stump for a minuters'.

Back for the circle where Perpetch had regained his voice where the Hare, Prestressed, was commended for his sneaky and mind-blowing run. He even found some ice to cool the beer.

Little Pinky was nominated for exhibitionism, builders bum is not always a pretty sight, maybe he should be renamed big pinky. Smelly Poo for trying to sell a car for 1200 Euros ( I think she'd take a thousand)

Farty Bum got a down down for confusing the pack, Jobsworth for mendacity, whatever that is, I think you can buy a special cream for it and Merridick was absolved from something!

I've always thought Perpetch is an excellent judge of character. He said Sneaky Bastard was 'commendable'. There was a huge and prolonged round of applause for this.

Lickety Split and Circumstition were welcomed from the Los Angeles / Santa Barbara hash and Ellen (how about 'Golden Drizzle' for hash name) and Little Pinky were returners.

Lickety Split had the honour of pouring beer into Jobsworth, a well-deserved SOTW.

A final thing I never thought I'd write. The restaurant served a generous and interesting range of drinks, in fact, there was too much alcohol.

Swish Nash Hash 2011. 1 - 3 July
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
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R*n 672: NEXT HASH 26 -Jun

Run 672; Big End's Memorial Hash

Padre and Prestressed Bring You This Tribute to Big End.

Come gorge yourself along the Siagne with beautiful scenery and discover the famous Roche Traille. All this followed by a great OnIn at Les Terrasses Restaurant in Tourrettes.

Time 11h00 for 11h30
Location: On D37 between Montauroux and Mons
OnIn: Les Terrasses Restaurant, Quartier Grand Terrasses, 83440 Tourettes, Tel: 04 9484 7033
Cost: $20 per head to include welcoming cocktail, meal, wine and tea or coffee. Menu as follows:

Cocktail & Amuses Bouches

Poached Salmon

Calamari Casserole with Safron Rice or
Roast Leg of Lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Pavlova withFruits Rouges or

Tea or coffee.

Please let me know by no later then Friday AM if you plan to attend the restaurant, as we do need to advise, well in advance, of numbers attending.

We cannot guarantee reservations made after Friday AM, and the restaurant's al a carte menu may apply., so Please let me KNOW!!!


Time 11h00 for 11h30

Exit 39 A8 Autoroute Direction Fayence.

After 8.9km Roundabout Straight on to Montauroux D37.
After 3.5km pass through Montauroux Village and follow signs to Mons and Callian (D37)
After 2.1km Stop, turn right onto Route de Mons
After 0.5km Keep left on D37 to Mons.
After 3km, 39 Km Stone on left.
After 950m Turn right (immediately before 40 km stone) into parking area. (If you pass the 40 km stone, you have gone too far)


Contact Numbers:

+334 9468 4204
+336 2813 6759
+4479 0359 7104