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Never Cums

A big Thank You

I would just like to thank all of those hashers who sponsored my 10K run and donated to Cancer Research UK. I really, really appreciate it.

If you haven't donated and you'd like to, it's not too late, just go to: www.justgiving.com/Ailsa-Emmott.

Thank you. Never Cums

RUN 667

"I'm wild again
Beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again,
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I."

The ditty above sums up Run 667. We were all totally bewildered, of course, days before the event with a choice of start time. It was a miracle we had the usual numbers. Farty Bum, the hare, decided we were still not sufficiently mentally wounded when she indicated that Easter eggs may or may not be found near pink ribbons deposited on the trail.

We started from the car park and it was encouraging that it took half a bag of flour to lay the first blob; a well marked trail was in prospect. Some hares manage to mark the whole trail with one bag.

The first part of the trail was around an uninspiring part of Cagnes but it was slightly unusual because it is where we saw the only 2 crosses on the whole trail. No Satisfaction managed to run through one of them. The inevitable part of the trail on the seafront was negotiated without incident and finally, inevitably the demanding ascent to the Hauts de Cagnes. Plenty of checks but, as I say, no crosses. The pack remained bewildered. But the tough climb was well worth the effort and it was a pleasure to run around the pretty streets for a short while before beginning the descent. Many were now anticipating a beer stop but it was not to be. We started climbing again before descending to the beer stop. I had not seen any bloody ribbons of any colour but sharp eyed Sadist spotted one. Just before the beer stop the walkers were passed. Their shoulders were sagging like beasts of burden. Why? You guessed it; carrying sacks of Easter eggs. We had been on the road for around 1hr.45mins to be greeted by a locked beer truck. In his own good time Pedo finally arrived to open up. On a warm day the first beers of the bewildered, thirsty pack did not touch the sides.

The return commenced and the first runners soon passed the hares who had set off a few minutes earlier to set the trail! Farty Bum shouted a muddled instruction, as if she had not done enough damage already, but miraculously we arrived home in good shape. All in all it had been an excellent hash. It only remained for the down downs to be administered.

Hares: Farty Bum and Virgin Mouth

Shortcutting: No Satisfaction

Contessa: Holding a private party in the circle

Returners: Hold my Weiner, Anne of Cleavage, Farty Bum, Iron lady, No Satisfaction, Contessa

Locked Beer Truck: Pedo

Premature Ovulation: Sadist awarded this for an imaginative nomination

Beer Stop Chatter: Farty Bum - a classic this
Contessa (to Farty Bum): You have been to the States recently haven't you?
Farty Bum: Yes, but I am back now.

Too Cheeky: For being too demanding of Serge

SOW Nominations:

Initially only Farty Bum for bewildering the pack and Serge for 2 mobile phone offences were nominated but Too Cheeky came surging through to win easily for Mother abuse.

Swish Nash Hash 2011. 1 - 3 July
Details here.

Eurohash 2011 in the Hague, 27th - 29th May 2011
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
To see what world hash events are coming up, check out this website:
Hash events.
Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

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R*n 668: NEXT HASH 1 -May

The Wedding Hash on Sunday 1st May

Due to an unforgivable oversight at the Palace the Hash has not been invited to the Royal 'DO' so the next hash will be THE WEDDING HASH. You can wear your bridal gown if you've still got it and top hat and tails always look terribly smart at the Circle. A flower in your buttonhole would also look jolly nice. The post-coital ( is that the right word, I know it's something to do with marriage...or maybe not) banquet is at the excellent Restaurant La Cigale where the three course meal with wine and coffee will set you back a mere 18.50 Euros, much less than the 12 million quid it's costing the taxpayers of old England

MEET: 1.30 for 2.00
DIRECTIONS: Take Exit 40 from the A8 in to Mandelieu and follow the signs for Theoule. Go along the coast road into Theoule, as you drop down the hill turn right at the lights just past the Immobilier down Avenue Charles Dahon, there will be a Casino supermarket on your right. Keep going through the square and continue for 300 meters to the car park on your right. There you will be met by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Household Cavalry.