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Never Cums

(Sunday 20 March 2011)

The keenest hashers' award has to go to Confusion,Virgin Mouth and Supermarket Trolley, who arrived a good 30 minutes before anyone else and consequently had the choice of which poubelle to park next to. We were greeted by the extremely organized Hares; Dancing Srubber and Moya, who had already finished with their preparations and were sat down having croissants and coffee. This was in spite of being landed with acting as Bier Meisters on the last minute, as our ever present Bier Meister / Haberdashery / Co-hare and general dog's body; Pedo, had dared to take a weekend off. Gradually the other hashers arrived in dribs and drabs. With the bright blue sky above and advent of Spring the next day, we were all leaping around like spring-lambs but jumping around like mountain goats may have been more appropriate for the terrain we were about to face. Just as Perpetual Motion was about to set us off on our merry way, in the distant we could see this blue flash hurtling towards us, it was Dingus and Sudsucker, who had already run the Monaco 10k as a warm up. They were able to give us news of the sterling efforts of Never Cums, who for once had a good excuse for living up to her name, had completed the 10k course in an splendid time of 57 minutes, whilst raising lots of money for Cancer Research. Without further ado we were off. Not surprising the runners were heading in a generally upward direction, at one point Prestressed looked up to the highest point in the far distance and said "I bet we are going all the way to Gourdon" in a jocular fashion. Perpetual Motion certainly thought this was the correct trail and in true military style marched us up to the top of the hill (to a cross) and promptly marched us down again. Dancing Scrubber had very thoughtfully reminded us to bring along a spare pair of shoes as they would be needed after traversing the raging torrent which lay in store for us, what she failed to mention was that a pair of crampons wouldn't go amiss either. Having negotiated another 30 minutes of "undulating terrain", we finally came to a plateau which would have been perfect for running if it wasn't for the fact that the path we were running on was approximately 1 metre wide with a sheer drop on one side, this certainly wasn't the run for those suffering from vertigo. Eventually we started our steep descent to the beer stop, where the walkers had arrived 2 minutes before us, well done hares for getting the timing spot on. After adequate refreshment we started our return to base, which seemed quite a timid affaire compared to the first half, but we still had the raging torrent to look forward to. Just as Sudsucker and myself were in sight of the car park we came across a bunch of walkers including the hares, who directed us back into the woods away from the car park, a loop that Dingus, Perpetual Motion and Sadist decided to ignore, probably because they couldn't facing tackling the river crossing. They needn't have worried as Sudsucker and I were able to tip toe across the raging torrent, leaping from stone to stone without a drop of water touching our shoes. Then it was back to the start and the circle.

Down Downs were awarded as follows:

Hares - Dancing Scrubber and Moya
Professional runners - Dingus and Sudsucker
Short cutters - Sadist, Perpetual Motion, Dingus
Mug less ones - Sadist, Prestressed, Road Runner
Gallantry (helping maidens in distress crossing raging torrent) - Dark and Moist
Private party - Anne, Virgin Mouth, Dire Rear
New hair styles - Dancing scrubber, Dire Rear, Cum Cum, Alexandra, Virgin Mouth, Long and Hard, Happy Hooker
Posh hash shoes - Too Cheeky, Saddle Sniffer
Hats in the circle - Road Runner, Dark and Moist
Returners - Dingus Sadist, Saddle Sniffer, Runner Maid, Supermarket Trolley

As the day of the hash was Big End's birthday we sang her a Hashy Birthday over Prestressed's mobile and sent Big End and Padre our Best Wishes.

Road Runner for refusing to write the run report.
Pedo for daring to miss a hash (stand in Road Runner).
Winner by a mile was Road Runner.

On On was in a local restaurant in nearby Bar-sur-Loup, where we were treated to a Line Dancing display, ably performed by Cum Cum and Dancing Scrubber, incredibly to the music of Ricky Martin!

Thanks to the hares for setting such good trails despite the short notice.
Thanks to Cum Cum who was the official hash photographer for the day (photos attached with run report).

Swish Nash Hash 2011. 1 - 3 July
Details here.

Eurohash 2011 in the Hague, 27th - 29th May 2011
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
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Look left
R*n 666: NEXT HASH 3 -Apr

HHHi Hashers,

This is one to really get your arses into gear for!

Hares: Happy Hooker, Golden shower and Dark and Moist.
Time: 13h00 for 13h30 PROMPT
Location: La Napoule
Theme: The Devil's Own; Dress appropriately.
OnIn: Restaurant Cote Place, 21 Place de la Fontaine 06210 Mandelieu La Napoule 18h00. 3 Course Meal including 1/4 wine (coffee extra).
Cost: €25 ALL IN (including the run fee) if booked by no later than 22h00 30 March, €28 if booked later and for non-members.

A special limited edition T-shirt will be issued to the first 25 paid up members who register by 30 March as above.

Registration by e-mail to me (prestressed@gmail.com). Don't delay; Register today!!!

Leave A8 at Mandelieu Centre/La Napoule junction 40, get into the left hand lane and pass around the one way system on the N7 (direction Géant, golf and La Napoule) so the petrol station is always on your left. Get into the right hand lane and carry along Mandelieu main street, passing 2 sets of traffic lights, pass under a bridge and straight across at the roundabout with palm trees. At the next roundabout with tin statues playing golf take the 2nd exit so the BP garage is on your right. Carry along dual carriageway to roundabout; take 3rd exit to la Napoule across a river. Directly after, turn left signposted, Ave de Riou, Ecole Les Boulons d'Or. Pass Residence Islette de Riou on right and park anywhere along the road towards mini roundabout at end.