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A good turn out with many returners as we met in the usual car park on a cool, grey but just about dry Sunday morning. It was good to see No Grappa of the RMBH making her usual winter visit to our area before she begins her travels again. We also extended a welcome to another American and Virgin; Cynthia. You would never guess she was a New Yorker!

We started by doing a pointless loop round the car park before heading out of the village; It was not long before we were running over an odd smooth rock formation which suggests it was once covered by glaciers. More likely all the vegetation had been trampled out of existence by hashers. As we hit the road the pack split up as the false trails and quicker hashers took advantage of a good running surface. This was not to last as road gave way to tracks, negotiation of a cunning check and yet another pointless loop. The pack were more or less back together although we were to lose a few who we did not see again until we arrived back at the car park. How anyone could have got lost is a mystery. The hare, Sadist, can be accused of many offences but laying ill-defined trails is not one of them.

Inevitably we started the slippery, ankle busting descent to the stream which considering recent humidity was remarkably bereft of water, much to the chagrin of Pedo. The ascent on the other side was pretty demanding but once the summit had been attained it was not to long before we arrived at the beer stop. Yummy pastries were included to supplement the usual out of date crisps and chips.

The return was largely uneventful. We did have an impressive canine contingent and Farouk, the new mutt of Prestressed, ran amok as we negotiated the slippery descent following the beer stop. His owner was suitably admonished in the circle. The run in was nearly all uphill and it was surprising that once we arrived at the main road nobody in the pack shortcutted to the car park. Instead, we ran down the road before taking a sharp left and making a final lung bursting ascent and rolling down the other side to the car park.

Perpetual Motion stood in as RA and awarded the following down downs:

Hare: Sadist

Merrydick. For making a nomination which was totally incomprehensible.

Mug Awards. Prestressed 200 runs. Cumalot 100 runs.

Returners. Over half the pack!

Virgin. Cynthia

SOW Nominations. Prestressed for dog training failures and Golden Showers for falsely accusing a hasher (the stand-in RA of all people!) of being a litter bug. Prestressed edged it after an electoral recount.

The On On was in a pretty classy brasserie by hash standards in the centre of Vence. Like the beer stop pastries, the food was yum.

Upcumming Events

Nice to Monaco - 6th February 2011
Details here.

Monaco 23.5k, 10k, 7k or 3k. 20th March 2011
Details here.

Ensemble avec Benoit. 5k or 10k run for charity. 27th March 2011
Details here.

Eurohash 2011 in the Hague, 27th - 29th May 2011
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
To see what world hash events are coming up, check out this website:
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Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

Look left
R*n 661: NEXT HASH 23 -Jan

Time: 1.30pm for 2pm start,
Place: Entrance to Bois Fleuri sud, Boulevard de la Source.

Here are the directions:
From the motorway coming from the Nice direction come off at the Villeneuve Loubet exit. (70cents needed).
Turn right as you exit the Peage, and continue a short distance to a roundabout.
Take the second exit, as you take this exit get into the left hand lane.
You will join the RN7. Follow this along approx 5km, through several sets of traffic lights until you come to a roundabout, turn right (D4) with sign posts for Biot.
Continue to Biot village.
Follow the road through the village towards Valbonne. Continue along this road for about 7km until you see the start point on your left. There is a large tree on the left and a pull in layby on the right that you need to pull into in order to turn left.

If you are coming on the motorway from the Marseilles direction, Come off the motorway at the Antibes exit, heading in the direction of Valbonne & Grasse.
Continue on this road passing "Leroy Merlin" on your left. Go straight through 2 sets of traffic lights.
You will come to a large roundabout with a wooden structure in the middle, take the right hand turning.
At the next round about turn left and go up the hill.
At the next roundabout go straight on, second exit. Pass Air France on your left.
Next roundabout again the second exit, and follow this road down past the "Pompiers".
At the next roundabout turn right (Tele-Valbonne should be in front of you), then at the next roundabout turn right again.
Approx 1 mile along this road is a turning on the right "Boulevard de la Source" This is the start point.

The OnOn will be at our house afterwards. 918 avenue des Fauvettes, just down the road from the start/finish point.

If you intend on staying for the OnOn please can you let me know by the evening of Thursday 21st Jan as I would hate any of you to go home hungry!
The cost of the onon will be 15 euros.