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Iron Lady's Frejus Frolic

On a grim looking October Sunday afternoon the hashers were bidden to wend their way to Frejus, navigate about 50 million roundabouts and then locate a car-park whence Iron lady's virgin Rivera H3 lay would commence.

The weather for those of us who travelled from the east looked mighty unpromising but the clouds lifted as we passed through the Esterel and it was sunny - if blustery - once the required car park was located. Sadist in particular seemed to prefer revisiting rond-points to actually parking. And, as certain keen shopaholics had noted, it was market day in Frejus so the car park was filled with non hash bargain hunters. However gradually, once the various shoppers had been dragged to the hash and parking places had been found, we were ready to leave.

The runners left first and our trail involved most of the roundabouts we had missed in driving to the start plus a couple that we had seen on our journey. It was devious enough that the pack mostly stayed together until we hit the regroup check on the side of a drainage canal. After that we ran along the canal, came to a footbriodge, crossed over and ran on the other side until we reached a main road.

At this point things went kind of pear-shaped. Three hashers - to whit Little Pinkie, Sudsucker & Dirty Dingus followed the obvious arrows right and shortly afterwards ran past the beer car and stopped. This was an error as there was a certain amount more of the first half to run before returning to the car but in the absence of Pedo and the hare this was not clear. Everyone else was misled by Perpetch into running up to the road, across it and then finding the 'in trail' with its long devious check-backs. Critically amongst the misled was Pedo the beer master and he took his keys with him.

Meanwhile the other 3 were hanging around in the sunny - but windy - environs of the beer car wondered WTF everyone else was. Search parties were sent out but no trace of the rest of the pack was to be found. Eventually the walkers joined the 3. And some time after that the value of cell-phones on a hash was discovered as someone had Duck's Arse's phone number and he - unlike other runners - actually had his phone with him and switched on. Some while later the runners appeared back at the beer car and there was much rejoicing.

Eventually we left. The walkers did there thing back to the start. Some of the runners headed straigh back to the start on the grounds thst they'd already run the second half and a dedicated handful ran the bit of the first half that had been omitted and then ran most of the second half omitting the worst check back.

Finally we all arrived back safely - and some runners who had skipped the beer check rejoined us having found their own beer check in a local bar.

There was time for a quick circle where punishments were given out to the usual suspects wuith particular emphasis on Perpetch. Shit of the week was awarded to Pedo for foolishly following Perpetch but it was a close run thing. As usual it was shown that wheras a closed mouth gathers no foot, an open mouth frequently gathers an interestingly shaped glass utensil with beer in it.

Trail des Baous 24th October 2010.
Details here.

Nice-Cannes marathon 14th November 2010.
Details here.

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