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RH3 Corsica 2010
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Trail des Alpes Maritimes, 19th September 2010.
Details here.

Nice-Cannes marathon 14th November 2010.
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
To see what world hash events are coming up, check out this website:
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Run report Scribe Flyme Sunday Aug. 22 2010

Our hares for the day were Dingus and Sud Sucker, it was HOT!! We started more or less on time from the car park in Pegomas, then on up. There was some canine pollution – Prestressed brought rowdy Jake and Disco Dave and Hash Fanny brought Dizzy. Then a large brown fumelle decided to join us, a local Pegomas gal. It was a long, hot climb, with some shade to the top, a relief when we got there, a bit easier then until the last climb – which reduced the runners to slow walkers – Padre and Perpetch were behind me!!! 1st time ever! Amazingly Mad Max was the FRB whistling all the way – never recognized the tune though.

Disco Dave was acting Beer Master – and we really needed it after the looooong climb. I’m reliably informed there was sex on the walking trail, the newlyweds Tosspot and Dire rear, they held hands too!!! Shocking.

Back at the circle, apparently Disco Dave took Too Cheeky for a ride, plus our exhausted fumelle and Dizzy from the beer stop down the hill – who knows what happened between the 4 of them!! In the Circle Dingus forgot it was Perpetch’s birthday until he was reminded, but it did cost him s—t of the week, however Perpetch eventually got his down down. Padre, as usual, full of s—t, and being irreligious forgot it was Ramadan – how could he!

I was late for the l’Ideal restaurant as Cum Cum and myself went for a quick desperate dip in my pool – it was luverly – would have invited you all but I didn’t think M. et Mme. would appreciate! We Hashers were the only diners, 14 of us, and all went down well, left-over rice I took for Nina the labradog, where I work, she loves real food when she can get it. Perpetch got his birthday cake plus 3 candles!! It was the proprietors (Ken) birthday too; nice of him to donate his afternoon to the RH3 It was a good day ONON.

Walkers Report scribe Cum Cum

The walkers assembled trying to protect themselves and their cars from the searing heat of this August morning by staying under the pine trees. At the start it was announced by Padre that pine trees leak sap which is a bugger to get off your car paint work and advised us all to move into the sun, did anyone take notice, of cause not!! (except Sheppard’s Bush and Dark & Moist – but they had flash expensive cars, unlike normal hashers!).

Up and up we went, but not straight UP the normal tortuous hill which is a real slog even under cool conditions, must say this was a less strenuous route and a new one to me, we kept stopping to regroup as some walkers do get there faster, the long legged ones (exception being Hash Fanny)! Once up at the top the walk through the forest was pleasant and flat. The beer stop of Disco Dave’s car was a most welcome sight, and for once the walkers had arrived first and were able to access all the food and drink and not wait around for hours for Pedo to arrive with his only car key! We all tucked into chrisps and avoided the twiglets as usual. Anne of Cleavage managed to smuggle some out in her cleavage I noticed, probably saving morsels for the descent later. The runners eventually arrived and most simply tipped their liquid refreshment over their heads and down their hot backs. 2 canine hashers were lying exhausted and panting on the floor and had to get a lift back in the beer car. The route back was simple and quick for both runners and walkers who were suddenly all put on the same walkers trail back due to heat exhaustion and more importantly the route back was down hill!

Back at the circle, again in the shade of the lovely pine trees, down down’s went to:

The hares: Dingus and Sud Sucker (an excellent hash with a very last minute change of venue due to tourist influx on the coast)
Padre for forgetting Ramadam and again for bad advice re pine trees as the sap was not dripping in August so all cars were cool and sap free except 3.
Cum Cum for being a saddo and filling in her Corsica registration form in record time
Tosspot and Direrear for sex on the trail
Hash Fanny and Prestressed for Canine pollution
Mad Max for being an FRB and whistling at the same time (in this heat)!
Disco Dave for standing in at last moment as Beer master:
Perpetch for his birthday (now not forgotten)
Returners: Disco Dave, Hash Fanny, Iron lady, Happy Hooker, Dark & Moist, Ann of Cleavage and Sheppard’s Bush
Shit of the week went to Dingus for forgetting birthdays, administered by the ever lovely Happy Hooker
Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

Look left
R*n 647: NEXT HASH 5-Sep
Prestressed and Padre Proudly Present the return of the 7 P's. ( or in this case eleven.)

Run No. 647 to be held 5th. September 2010 Montaroux 1330hrs for 1400hrs prompt start.

Directions to Run No. 647

A8 Autoroute, Take Exit 39 (It should take no more than15-20 minutes from here) Follow signs for Fayence
After 8.5km Roundabout Straight on Direction Montauroux
After 1.5km T-Junction Right Direction Montauroux Village
After 1.6km Enter Montauroux
After 200m Enter Montauroux Village follow road to Left and Right around the Square
After 200m Turn Left Between Buildings, ! Narrow
After 600m Exit Montauroux, Pass Cemetery on Right
After 200m Turn Right onto Chemin des Sureaux, Signposted Stade Municipale
After 600m Turn Left up Narrow Road, Chemin de la Gachette
After 600m T-Junction Right onto Chemin de Cuguillade
After 100m Turn Left onto Chemin du Stade
After 1.2km Park at the Stade Municipale

The OnIn following next Sunday's Hash will be at Le Sabot de Venus Restaurant situated on the RD 562 (Farty Bum, that's the main road to Fayence and Dragignon which you know so well) in Callian, tel.04 94 47 74 69. This is a great little family run restaurant which offers good food and good value for money.

The price for the meal, which will include Couscous (there will of course be a proper vegetarian option) as the main course will be €17.50 per head, but as they will be opening early especially for us, I do need to know the numbers attending, so please let me know by e-mail ASAP if you plan to attend. Bookings received after 2 September will be charged €20 per head!!!


Contact Numbers:

+334 9468 4204
+336 2813 6759
+4479 0359 7104

We have, for your enjoyment, provided a trail containing an ancient "Muletiers" trade route, linking the ancient villages of St.Cezaire, Montauroux and Callian, (Do not worry we will not be visiting all three of them) crossing an 18th century bridge, over a refreshing, sparkling, clear, mountain fresh, river. So, unless you are Sadist or Padre, bring your swimming costumes.
The bridge is the ideal height for entering the water at a rapid speed.

300 - 400 year old oak trees. Which are as rare as Rocking Horse "do" down here.

Archaeology in the form of a ruined 16th. century mill.

A moss waterfall......wait and see!

Bring your torches for the surprise package. Not compulsory but fun if you are that way inclined.

There is also the possibility to indulge in some beauty treatment, providing we have some rain between now and then.
This is slightly off trail so do not panic.
Prestressed and Padre have been using this natural, age defieing remedy, for a few weeks now, so you can see the beneficial effects for yourselves before indulging.

You would pay a fortune for this mud therapy in Cannes.

Hope you can make it.

Prestressed and Padre