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Never Cums

Cagnes sur Mer 10K, 12th June 2010.
Details here.

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RH3 Corsica 2010
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Nice-Cannes marathon 14th November 2010.
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
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The Rabble congregated just out of Valbonne just past the "Ghastly" statute.

Hares :- Dancing Scrubber, Cum Cum & Fly Me.

Hash through woods with many flowers - some on the ground, tres jolie & until the quarry site. Then road around Roquefort Les Pins, not a cheese in site !

Arrived at beer stop, car but no Pedo who appears after 5 mins or so ?? We were then greeted to the horrible sight of Dark & Moist in a semi undressed state chasing after Saddle Sniffer fortunately for her he never caught her.

Down downs :
Competitive Hashing - Dark & Moist & Saddle Sniffer

Perpetch for Extra Ventilation (bad shorts) but why was Dirty Dingus looking (now I know how he got his name)

Lesley NN but not for much longer - running then walking

Non - runners Never Comes & Countessa

Sonia - used her lips a lot (not sure how or where)

Prestress - no beer at beer stop & not a screw top in sight

Optimist of the week - Dark & Moist bum bag won't stay up & being a fat bastard

Failure to finish on own feet - Ann of Cleavage & Charlie the Dog

Visiting Canadians - Farty Bum & Bill

All Mothers for Mothers day

Competitive running - Supermarket Trolley, Sudsucker, Never Cums, Dingus

Returners - Looloup (?) Trickie Dicky, Archieballs, Estella NN, Kathy, Happy Hooker, Dark & Moist, Jon, Shepherds Bush, Ann of Cleavage

Visitors or was that virgins (?) Moira, Bill & Peplepew

Iron lady sang a tribute to Iron Bum who sadly departed for Hash Heaven :- How do you seduce a hash man just to get his trousers down, how do you seduce a hash man just to get his limp dick in your hand ....

Shit of the week - Dark & Moist - bigger tits than Saddle sniffer & soaking Lesley (still NN)

Naming of Lesley (NN) - Golden Showers could be reference to hair colour & the wet t-shirt courtesy of D & M

Back to Dancing Scrubber for a sumptuous barbie great food from Hash Fanny, barbie by Disco Dave & swim for those brave enough big thanks to them all.
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