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Budapest 1000th hash 4th-6th June 2010.
Details here.

Cagnes sur Mer 10K, 12th June 2010.
Details here.

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RH3 Corsica 2010
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Nice-Cannes marathon 14th November 2010.
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Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
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Run 639:La Gaude Part Deux

La Gaude looks beautiful under a mantle of snow, the lights twinkle in the dusk and the merry laughter of children echoes through streets as they watch the full moon rise above the ancient village church.

It was not to be, however, as the hash met on a warm and sunny day with hardly a cloud in sight. Contessa started selling her wares, some kind of magazines and she also seemed to be promoting specialist footware which looked like a surgical boot. I don’t think they’ll catch on with the fashionistas attending the film festival. Noticeable, I thought, that no movie stars chose to attend the hash despite being in the area.

Except, that is, for Klingon, fresh in from some distant place but ready to roll as RM for the day. He did get off to an unfortunate start by giving Sneaky B a down down before the hash but he did improve later!

Jobsworth and Nevercomes were hares and had prepared and excellent walk/run with enough flour to bake a cake and a route through the village and into open country. The hash was long and with hills to climb and rivers to cross so the beer car was welcome. Too Cheeky arrived by chauffeur- driven limousine, perhaps she’s become one of those starlets I read about in my copy of ‘Hello’ magazine. The same limo took Jingle Balls, Danish Bacon, Lovely Leslie and Confusion back to the start. This idea of the hare also providing chauffeur services to fatigued walkers is bound to catch on. Great work Jobsworth, new heights of customer service in the Hash and something for us all to aim for.

Back in the car park Contessa still had her leg up trying to promote those boots and the dogs were fighting and tripping innocent people up as usual. The hares were praised for the run.

Various people got down downs for various offences:
Max for no mug (he needs a name)
the Autohashers for riding not walking
Danish Bacon, Disco Dave, Saddle Sniffer, Rubber Maid and Hash Fanny for coming back as returners
There were some birthdays. Disco Dave a very youthful 54, Virgin Mouth was 21 for the third time and Lovely Leslie just looks younger and younger.
Marie was welcomed as a virgin.
Finally, who would receive the accolade of SotW?..... a closely fought election but Klingon won. He did try to form a coalition with Pedo but his advances were spurned.

Back to the home of Nevercomes and Jobsworth for an excellent poolside barbeque and lovely icecream. Fartybum, Saddle Sniffer and Jingle Balls all fell asleep, dreaming no doubt of the full moon rising above the ancient village church and the snow gently falling.

Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

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R*n 640: NEXT HASH 30-May
Starting from the parking outside the Collège Niki de St Phalle, Chemin de Darbusson 06560 Valbonne, 11.30 for 12 o’clock.

From the WEST. Take the Cannes exit from the A8. (No. 42) Direction Grasse/Mougins etc....... Get in the middle or left lane up to the CHURCHILL FINGERS roundabout and take the THIRD exit on to the Grasse/Cannes highway. Take the first right marked Valbonne (Centre) – follow signs to Valbonne. When you’re approaching the village, keep on past the new Mairie on your right and veer round the bend and up the hill with the old village to your right. Take the D4 towards Biot………..

Keep straight on towards Biot at the Roquefort roundabout, straight on at the following roundabout with a huge new school on the left. Continue straight on at the next roundabout with ‘Tele Valbonne’ to the left.

The following roundabout (The 4th from the village) has a GHASTLY statue in the middle of it (well you might not think so…….but I DO!) Take the last exit off this roundabout to the left, it’s indicated Collège Niki de St. Phalle. Go straight on, passing shops and a Carrefour Market on your right……..keep going ‘til you bump into the forest with the school on the right. Do some hashpeople spotting……..

There is a quicker way to get there through Sophia Antipolis but the navigation thereof is nigh on impossible, and not recommend for the faint hearted………EXCEPT if you have a VERY well educated GPS.. (or local knowledge…….)

From the EAST Take the Antibes exit from the A8 – keep straight* and on round until you get to the large Roundabout with flyover before Carrefour etc. – take the first exit on to the D35 - direction Cannes/Grasse/Sophia Antipolis etc.......keep straight on and follow signs to Valbonne. Follow instructions as above from the village.........

*the smaller slip road to the right leads you off through Sophia Antipolis – see comments above!

From any other direction, well I’m sure you’re capable of figuring it out.........

Contact on: 04 93 12 19 10 or 06 99 70 41 64