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Nice half marathon/10km 18th April 2010.
Details here.

Nice-Cannes marathon 14th November 2010.
Details here.

Try this link to find information regarding the Belgium Interhash bid for 2014.
Book early and obtain a good price. (If they win the bid)
To see what world hash events are coming up, check out this website:
Hash events.

There was a considerable turn out to celebrate the '22 Birthday HASH' in 'St Paul du Foret', even though the 'HASH' directions were posted a little later than normal. (Day before run!)

Our 'Master of the 7 P's' proved he is human and slipped up for once with his rigorous planning.
That was good for the 4 runners participating, as we knew, as we set off, that for only the second time in 'RHHH' history, the Hare was going to be voted 'Shit of the Week'.

This event was honoured by the attendance of a cute new 'HASH' dog , as well as 'M+M' (Perpetch's sister ) and the long-overdue return of our on-time 'Hash Mistress' 'Quaillewd' who arrived, beaming with enthusiasm and determined in true HASH style to run the full trail, no matter what!

The 'HARE' threatened a demanding run, but in fact, it was actually most pleasant. If a little long and a bit steep in places.

It is true that we runners 'Quaillewd', 'Cumalot', Pedo' and 'No Satz' did lose a bit of time running all the 'falsies'.

The 'falsies' usually ended at the top of a hill, overlooking beautiful views, or monuments. (Photo oppportunities)
It was all most civilised, as we strolled, sorry, ran through the undulating hills.
We had a nice chat with the locals, playing 'petanque'.
Then we inspected the wild Spring flowers peaking through the undergrowth of broken cars, fridges other things you don't want to know about!

We eyed enviously various private properties, deciding which one was for us, but finally started to pay a bit more attention to time, when we got cornered by a pack of local dogs.

From the start, we had ignored 'Cumalots' GPS readings which would have pulled us quickly back to the beer stop.
After all what is the fun in that?
We carried on, in the opposite direction, ignoring the telephone calls from the 'Walkers', bored waiting for us at the beerstop.
We were dedicated to running the trail the Hare had taken time to set! No short cutting. The fact that the 'Runners' took one hour longer to run the trail, than the 'Walkers' took to walk theirs, must have been another 'HASH' first.

Yes folks, the Runners are now slower than the Walkers!

Thankfully all this was quickly forgotten when the first Champagne cork 'popped', in celebration of the 22 years of dedicated Hashing. And very nice Champagne it was to, 'Beermaster'!

After our refreshments, some 'Runners' defected, leaving 'Quaillewd' and 'No Satz' to brave the second half.
The trail followed the 'Sentier Botanique', something to be recommended for some 'Summer's evening stroll. Really beautiful.
Now this time we were paced by the 'HARE' himself, so we did not take that long, honest.
When we returned, to our absolute astonishment, the 'Walkers' had gone straight to the restaurant without a circle!
The most heinous of 'HASH' crimes had been committed.

Our 'HASH' ressembled a bit the 'French Regionall' elections, that took place that very same day:
About 49pct abstained. About 20pct, previously committed 'HASHERs' adopted a liberalist radical streak and did away with our circle tradition.

The 'HASH' Elders present were obviously unsure whether to stand and fight, or go over to 'the other side' to the restaurant too.

At this point, I must call upon our 'Grand Master' to take the next opportunity to teach and coach some of our defectors. Help them to rationalize the relevance, meaning and need to follow the great traditions in our club.

Traditions are built and handed down with experience and are the reference point of our core values, of which some of hungry members need to be reminded.

So, Dear 'Grand Master', please encourage our members to take again their vows. After all we can be flexible with tradition in adverse situations.

A circle can as short as is required, but there must always be a circle.

Mind you, when I got to the restaurant, I understood why they were all nervous about missing the meal. It was fantastic food. Photos attached!

Down-Downs: To be given at next opportunity

Perpetch - Undeniably 'The SOW'

Tosspot - The defector, who led the charge to the restaurant

All the others who attended and went straight to the restaurant or worse, went home:
You should have known better!:
Virgin Mouth
Too Cheeky
Cum Cum
Caroline (forgotten HASH name)
Jingle Balls
Shepherds Bush
Ann of Cleavage
Farty Bum
Madame Mouton

Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

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R*n 636: NEXT HASH 4-Apr
By popular demand, the Incredible Hulk will be making a one off appearance at our next Hash on Easter Sunday 4 April, and what's more he will be haring it with Prestressed.


Meet: In the parking opposite Chateau Tournon at the junction of the D562 and D94 Montauroux district.
Time: 13h30 for 14h00 SHARP
OnIn: Monique et Patrick (Tel:04 9476 4085), at the Plan Oriental, D562 Montauroux at 18h00 - For the incredible price of €14 for a 3 course menu including wine - Coffee Extra. We have used this restaurant often in the past, as one of Perpetch's hardy annuals, and it certainly offers good value for money.




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+334 9468 4204
+336 2813 6759
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