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A week less a few hours after we had last gathered at La Pinede the hash regathered there for the hangover hash after the Christmas party. The weather was considerably nicer and the pack larger but probably not any more enthusiastic due to an alcohol induced late night for most of us. But as the hour of departure approached there was some notable absences – including Pedo and his beer. It turned out Pedo was deleyed on an errand of mercy – viz giving the Milan contingent a lift from the hotel. Unfortunately they were apparently running on Italian time and hence not able to get their idle arses in gear to show up on time. Eventually they did so and we departed following a trail which was curiously familiar to the few from the week before. There were even remnants of flour and chalk to be observed by the cognoscenti. But fortunately Jingle Balls & Sneaky Bastard took pity on us so the trail was considerably shorter and had only enough hill to get the alcohol pounding in the forehead. In fact it was so short that Perpetch and Supermarket Trolley ran on past the beer check until they met the walkers coming the other way.
The beer check was long but oddly subdued – and lacked the champagne from the week before. However the view was magnificent
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