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Hash Christmas do - Saturday 5th December
Details here.
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No Satisfaction & Jingle Balls

The weather immediately before the start of the hash was atrocious, forcing the dedicated few to brave streets turned to rivers and the threat of yet more rain to show up. But at the annointed time we were gathered at La Pinede (where it was surprisingly difficult to find a parking space considering the weather) and then set off following the washed out flour and chalk which the hare had marked the trail with at least twice. Unsurprisingly we headed out along the Cap and our anticipated rendez vous with the lighthouse. However the hare did deviously tease us by leading us near it and then sending us back in towards Antibes (where the trail disappeared and required forensic flour detection) before heading back along the coast and then up past the slum residences on the Antibes side of the Cap before we re-entered that park and made our final ascent beer- and lighthouse-wards.

No Satisfaction – for a variety of reasons – decided that we should celebrate the day with Champagne which we duly quaffed while admiring the view and what might have been a sunset if there hadn't been quite as many dark gray storm clouds. The hashers were joined at the beer check by Ann of Cleavage, Shepards Bush, Happy Hooker & Dark'n'Moist who did the sensible thing and drove there. Their excuse was that Happy H & D'n'M had just arrived at Nice airport on Sleazyjet and that since they are skinflints they didn't want to take an earlier flight at 3 times the price. Damp runners and walkers felt this was a fairly feeble excuse to avoid the rain and it didn't help when Happy Hooker claimed that they weren't late so much as 6 days early for the Christmas party.

Eventually the champers ran out along with daylight and the hashers headed back to the start. The runners ran around the rest of the Cap bringing memories of the marathon back to Supermarket Trolley.

Down downs were awarded to pretty much everyone for a variety of crimes and particularly to D'nM & Happy Hooker

Here are two images of what it was like and what if 'could have' been like.

I forgot what it could have been like 24 hours earlier. Here you go!  'On On' 2010!
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