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The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/09. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Porquerolles Weekend 18th - 20th September 2009
Our annual Porquerolles weekend staying at Balambra VVF, Presqu’ile de Giens, near to Hyères and Toulon is on once again, from 18-20 September.

The weekend includes a whole Saturday of Hashing on the beautifully unspoilt and very special island of Porquerolles, with two beer/lunch stops in idyllic coves. As tourist motor vehicles are not allowed on the island, the beer and lunch stops will be supplied by motor boat, and there will be ample opportunity to take a dip in the pristinely clear waters of the Mediterranean.

In addition there will be Hashes on the Friday evening and Sunday morning on the mainland.

All meals up to and including Sunday lunch will be provided, with unlimited serve yourself wine at mealtimes. If that’s not enough, there will be ample stocks of beverages available at the beer stops and circles. Our piece de resistance is however, Padre and Big End’s always open bar. It remains open for as long as anyone is partaking! What more could we want you may well ask – there’s a champagne reception on Friday afternoon, and cocktails after Friday’s and Saturday’s Hashes. And even more – Disco Dave complete with brand new cabaret acts on Saturday evening.

This weekend always proves popular, and places could be limited, as the resort is filling up fast with other groups and seminars.

To ensure participation, and avoid disappointment, please get your bookings in as early as possible.

Cost if booked by 31 May: €189 per head based upon 2 sharing.
Reservations: prestressed@gmail.com

Brief details here.

Ski weekend report

    What a lovely sunny day on the Friday. For those who got to Auron early for skiing such as Prestressed, a great time on the slopes; others sloped off to the cafes for lunch on the terrace . But many didn’t get there early enough for a full day; we just hoped that the nice weather would continue for the weekend. A few latecomers arrived at the maison familiale of the Collet d’Auron only after most hashers had settled in and enjoyed a glass of wine. Dinner was eagerly awaited but the choice on the menu was invariable- soup and tartiflette- if you didn’t like cheese, potato and bacon you weren’t in luck, and the next day promised more ham and cheese with raclette.

After dinner, our hares or ‘Gentils Organisateurs’ Knickerlicker and Confusion had divided us up into teams for a challenging general knowledge quiz. I must confess that there were serious gaps in my knowledge- I didn’t know the French slang expression for ‘ get your knickers off!’- I am surprised that we should be expected to know such obscure everyday French. Of course there were objections to some of the answers but it all went remarkably calmly for such a usually obstreperous group. Prizes for the winners.

Next day we woke up to a change in the weather for the worse. It was cloudy and the mountains were covered with mist. Prestressed had worked out a hash trail for the skiers and Knickerlicker had a trail for the walkers and we were all to meet up at the mountain for a beer stop. Half a dozen skiers set off up the mountain and the walkers waited until 10.30 for Knickerlicker’s hash. A walk through the village and we went off the road into the snow along what was supposed to be the fitness trail with stops every few yards for assault course exercises. Of course some could not miss the challenge of using the equipment when it wasn’t buried under the snow. Whoresin and Padre showed their prowess in sit-ups, Henry couldn’t manage swinging from the bars as they were frozen. A steep cliff fell away to the left so we were lucky that no-one slipped in the snow and went over the edge. After this amusement we found ourselves back on the road to the village, going through the village through the churchyard to the main square. Although we were told that there was a beer stop up the mountain, Sadist felt that it was a good opportunity to visit the café for warm something and most people followed him in.

Telephone contact was made with the skiers who were not having a great time in the poor visibility and it was arranged that the walkers would take the cablecar up to the first station and join them there. Knickerlicker bought the tickets and the next challenge was to fix your ticket to a copper wire IUD device that was given away with it. Whisked up to the first station, we found ourselves surrounded by skiers and flurries of snow. We made for the nearest ski hut where we found Prestressed, Pedo, Dark & Moist and the other skiers. It was a suitable time for lunch- not on a sundrenched terrace as we had all hoped but inside out of the weather. The majority went over to the Bataclan restaurant which was just visible across the piste and a couple of hours were spent inside. By now the weather had settled in to a half hearted attempt at snowing. The walkers then resumed the trail along the road about 2 kilometres back to the village where we were to meet at the Galion bar for a vin chaud. Skinny A didn’t think much of Dark & Moist’s French pronunciation and was expecting a ‘ van show’- though she was puzzled as what this would be.

Most skiers decide that the afternoon wasn’t going to be much fun . They did a couple of runs and came down to the Galion, though I believe that Sneaky Bastard hired skis for an afternoon’s skiing.

The Galion proved to be a very warm and cosy bar and I think this made up for our missed beer stop. Then back to the hotel for the rest of the afternoon playing cards and board games until dinner. The snow had continued falling and Padre speculated as to what would happen if we were all snowed in. Whoresin and CMorePussy decided they would leave the hotel as Whoresin was in a sailing race in Nice next morning.

As I said before, dinner was Raclette-everyone cooked their own cheese, cheese and bread, cheese and ham, cheese and saussison, on the little cookers. There was no shortage of cheese as the hotel staff brought more until everyone was fed up. A friendly meal. Padre felt he was being stalked by Mud Wrestler as he found himself sitting next to him for about the fourth time in the weekend so he moved places and Mud Wrestler had to be content with Sneaky Bastard opposite her who didn’t enamour her by telling her that he had been eating dogs when in the far east- Dog Eater, there’s a hash name for you!

The evening’s entertainment was another quiz- this time identifying celebrities from obscure photographs just as had been done at the Christmas party. Well I couldn’t recognize any of them really but it was intriguing all the same for those people who like that kind of thing.

Sunday morning showed the weather to be worse than the previous day. The general mood was to quit the village and go back home, though reports from the coast that it was miserable there too. Profiting from the change in the clocks the early birds wanting to watch the Australian Grand Prix had had breakfast early and were in the television room. Jobsworth and Charlotte suddenly appeared for a day’s skiing which was good news for Rachel and Henry as they could play in the snow in the village and toboggan with Knee Trembler and Virgin Mouth . But the general movement was to pay the hotel, quit the village and drive back home.

Most hashers enjoyed the weekend. Dark & Moist was taking names for those wishing to have a weekend in Limone next January. Of course we should thank Confusion and Knickerlicker for arranging the weekend. It wasn’t their fault that the weather wasn’t great; the absence of the RA is surely the reason; how can we expect the gods to ensure good weather if we don’t have the RA’s intercessions?

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