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DIVAHHH Champagne Weekend 2009, Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March 2009
in Reims, France Party in style in the Champagne Region!
more details here
The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/09. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Porquerolles Weekend 18th - 20th September 2009
Brief details here.

Run 601- 8 Feb 09

After a week of weather that ranged from crap to truly horrible amounts of rain Sunday dawned and the hash gods were seen to have done their job since the sun was shining. What more could we want? Well a parking place would have been nice. The start was some football stadium in Chateuneuf de Grasse. Unfortunately the gates were locked so the hashers gathered around outside them on the side of the (fortunately) not very busy road.

Eventually cars were double and triple parked and the hash was about averagely disorganized. The hare got no one to pay any attention and sent them off anyway. The rinners swiftly found the trail with loud excalmations from Tidal Dave and Padre about how they "knew all the trails round here". The first check led them and most of the other runners on a false trail back to the start. Oddly enough Big End and Prestressed who were with the hare failed to follow the rest as they splashed through a ditch to nowhere. Big End and Prestressed were rewarded for that foresight by having to solve the next check on their own. They'd found all the falses just as the pack caught up.

Then it was a on roads to the abode of one Merrydick, who declined to join the hash passing his gate despite entreaties from Pedo and other passers by. The road passing Merrydick's goes uphill. And so did the pack. Whining. And so, some time later, did the walkers whining even more. The next check had an option of up some more or flat. Hash instincts suggested up and they were right.

The following check had an option of flat to up or flat to down, with flat to up looking like it went to Chateauneuf. The pack decided that was where they wanted to be - possibly because Pedo had told them where the beercheck was. What was also in that direction was a cross. So the pack descended back down almost to Opio instead and got very confused at the next check before eventually figuring out what track to take that would lead back up. And up. And up. And up. Finally civilization was spotted and shortly after that the beer car was. Sometime later the walkers showed up. All enjoyed the view down to the sea.

The second half was clearly downhill. So the trail went up through the village and wiggled around some tennis courts and various private domains and roads to nowhere. Finally it came to a check not terribly far from the beer check. Tidal Dave and Padre used their local knowledge to lead most of the pack astray up a hill with no flour on it at all unless they found the trail they'd been on a few minutes earlier. Jobsworth found the true trail and confidently headed to the next check. There straight on had a blob of flour easily visible. Left had no flour. Obviously stright on was a false. After some way he and those following found some bird turd that looked like flour and continued leaving the hare all confused about why they were running where there was no trail.

Finally it was downhill and the pack wended its way down and eventually found its way to a field surrounded on three sides by a steep drop. There was a check and much tooing and froing and failing to find flour. Not surprisingly the trail, when found, went down. Very surprisingly once it had gone down about as far as it could it then went up again. And wiggled around to another check. The obvious way down from the check had a cross. The non obvious streamside path was eventually found and the pack moved on. By now the FRBs knew where they were and and where the end was so they weren't confused by any more checks. And then they started overhauling walkers. And then they were done. Unlike the usual Dingus run part 2 had been considerably longer than part 1.

Down downs were eventually held in the locked up carpark. Down downs were awarded to:
The hares Dingus & Sudsucker
And again along with some other mugless folks
The injured Two Cheeky was awarded a down down for showing up anyway.
Dire rear got one for something
Prestressed got one for something else
Sneaky Bastard got one for selling papal indulgences
So did various other miscreants that can't be recalled

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R*n 602/603: NEXT HASH 21-Feb & 22-Feb

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