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DIVAHHH Champagne Weekend 2009, Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March 2009
in Reims, France Party in style in the Champagne Region!
more details here
The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/09. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Porquerolles Weekend 18th - 20th September 2009
Brief details here.

Well as no one has done the Run Report, I might as well just write a few notes for the record. As I was the hare you will of course realise that this report will be just as fictional as any normal run report by the hounds.

As it was still the Christmas season and many were still away across the world, we did not expect a large turnout, but the usual sunny weather had been arranged for that afternoon in the forest at Vence. We met by what the local council calls the Parc du Souvenir and the bus company calls the Necropole, but what most of us would call the cemetery. It?s a very nice spot, so if any of you are considering passing away, you might like to put in a reservation for a plot in this peaceful piece of countryside. Well it?s peaceful most of the time- except when Sadist starts a hash from there.

So we had just under 20 hashers including Lynne?s husband Mark and her son and daughter who wanted to see what she had been getting up to . The beginning of the trail was the same for runners and walkers, down a stony path through the wood. At the first check Lynne was calling OnOn from a falsie while Prestressed and Pedo hung around the check wondering if it was the right trail; well, who was I to discourage them from following her up a blind alley? When they got to the next check, they again went up a falsie and must have found the cross because they all started wandering around up various paths where there was no flour instead of going back to the check and restarting from there. The walkers had even caught up by the time the runners had found the trail. Again at the next check, the runners tried all the falsies before getting it right. A check back 4 sign further on did not confuse them; they retraced 4 blobs of flour then started looking off to the left when the obvious way was the road to the right where there was another check a bit further on, and as they ran straight down the road they came to a cross telling them to check again. As they dashed here and there I did try to help them by standing by the direction where I had set the flour and they eventually cottoned on. The trail took them down a dry stream bed then up again across the road and again into the stream bed for a long stretch down through a gloomy valley.

I abandoned the runners at this point as the rest of the run was going to be a bit of uphill roadwork through a few hairpins and I didn?t think they could get too lost by themselves at the next 6 or 7 checks, and I went to see how the walkers were getting on. Dire Rear and Two Cheeky were there but no sign of the three leading ladies- Skinny A, Madame Mouton and Knickerlicker- perhaps they had gone on ahead following the trail which was of course superbly marked but you can never be sure that the walkers will bother looking for the marks and will just carry on in any direction. The beer stop was a good mile away and as I didn?t seem to be catching up to get any sight of them, it was a bit concerning as they could be anywhere and there was little I was going to do to go and look for them. However when I did reach the beer stop there were the three walkers waiting by the beer car. I didn?t have the beer car keys so we all had to wait a full quarter of an hour until we saw Jobsworth leading the runners up the hill and we could all regale ourselves with a selection of exotic flavoured crisps and packets of curious Yorkshire Tea biscuits which were in the shape of a T- no hot tea however and probably there was none of the iced variety either but the usual beer and wine which are good enough for most hashers.

Strangely when Pedo and I were stationing the beer wagon before the start of the hash, there was a beautiful lady lying sunning herself there on the ground - she must have been some sort of wood nymph , or some other mythical creature which we imagined. She did accuse us of being Australian, which we strongly denied and we invited her to hang around for an hour or so and we would give her a beer and introduce her to the hashers where there might possibly be an Australian or someone of another colonial variety. This was obviously not sufficient enticement for her to wait around as she wasn?t there when we had the beer stop.

So the second half started off through the woods, both walkers and runners taking the same trail except for an extra loop near the end for the runners. The walkers managed to finish before the runners got back which just shows how well planned the trail had been, though I do say it myself.

At the end more refreshments: Madame Moutom?s Marvellous Mince Pies with sherry and more snacks from Knickerlicker and Sadist as there was no restaurant OnOn.. And of course there was a visit from Santa who had a sackful of presents for everyone in the circle.

Santa (Prestressed in costume) also made some milestone awards : Two Cheeky and Dire Rear got 100 run mugs, Madame Mouton got a 50 Run mug, and quaitches were awarded to Pedo and Sadist for 300 and 400 runs respectively

Pedo acted as RA in the circle and I can?t remember who got down downs or for what. As Sneaky Bastard wasn?t there, there obviously was no Shit of the Week..

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