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Zurich 500th Run, 28/11/08 – 30/11/08.
Time: November 28, 2008 at 5pm to November 30, 2008 at 4pm
State/Province: Zürich
Posted By: Thirsty Thursday

Event Description:
In the depths of Chlösterli Forest (near the Zoo!), Zürich, Switzerland, ZH3 will be hosting the 500th Run. 3 day Event Starting 28/11/08. Great central location, wonderful scenic woodland and picturesque views of the lake via the 3xtrails starting with a Red Dress run on Friday. Wild, Wild Zoo party with Gourmet food via Chef-de-Cuisine, W&R. All details via www.zh3.ch or mail wet.and.ready@zh3.ch

If you have a HashSpace signin then see more details and RSVP on HashSpace:


Christmas Bash 2008 - 6/12/08
Full details here.

Run 597 14/12/08 - Merrydick's Soixante but not neuf
This will be Merry Dick 60th. birthday celebration(?).

Padre would like to know of any original members still in the area so he can contact them, to inquire if they are:
a) still alive and
b) want to come along and see how the old fart is aging and c) join in the celebrations.
DIVAHHH Champagne Weekend 2009, Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March 2009
in Reims, France Party in style in the Champagne Region!
more details here
The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/09. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Porquerolles Weekend 18th - 20th September 2009
Brief details here.

Road Runner & Procul's Azur Jaunt.

So we followed the instructions and arrived at the Val d'Azur. There were other hashers, both regulars like Sadist and Padre and less regulars like Disco Dave and Allison the hash publicist. Gradually as the witching hour approached more hashers showed up, including (fortunately) a couple of hares and Pedo the beermeister. After a certain amount of faffing around Road Runner and Pedo departed to deposit the beer wagon. At about this time, more or less, Procul called the restaurant to give them a heads up on the numbers and was somewhat surprised to be told that the chef thought we'd be staying in the restaurant until 4:30pm not arriving there at 4:30pm. Fortunately Procul's silver tongue and perhaps the appeal of some 20 plus additional mouths to feed convinced the chef to remain open.

Well the keener runners, i.e. Padre, were making noises about time to go when Road Runner and Pedo came back and we were off. After a few yards we were off tarmac and on muddy tracks. Supermarket Trolley met a relative who was doing a runner (wheeler?) from Champion. Then we got to the first check and unsurprisingly Dingus was soon off blowing his whistle to get people to come and find the false trail that was rather longer than those laid by most hares.

Meanwhile Perpetch, Supermarket Trolley and Sudsucker were heading the right way and finding the next check. Engrossed in a discussion of marathons, men, fashions and so on S&S ran stright past the X and the sign saying "Propriete Prive" and were told to "'op it" by the proprietor. At the next check Padre was heard confidently assuring all in the vicinity that "This way leads to the quarry, that way doesn't go anywhere so it has to be this way". It was a pity that a few moments later Sadist was spied coming back up the way to the quarry reporting the existance of an X.

There were a lot more checks and considerable confusion with front-runners regularly being fooled and having to run through the pack as they went from one false trail to another. In the middle of the pack there was Prestressed who was hampered by his new hound Jake. Jake had plenty of enthusiam and energy but seemed unclear on the concept of not running through the legs of the person holding the lead and other basic safety tricks.

After a while of this woodland confusion we ended up in civilization again - or as close to civilization as Valbonne gets anyway - raising hopes of being near beer. Our hopes were cruelly dashed when at the next check we ended up in the woods again. Not longer after this we encountered the walkers. This was a pity because at this point we were now heading away from roads and likely spots for beer. Further checks and opportunities for Padre to knowledgably guide others to the false trail followed before finally the beer car hove into view. The FRBs were spared a long wait as Pedo heroically broke into something that could almost be called a run and opened the car to dispense beer and munchies.

The marathon weenies - viz. Sudsucker, Dingus, Perpetch and Supermarket Trolley stood off in a patch of roadside sunlight to discuss their running problem without upsetting the others. Padre began corrupting minors by showing the two young virgins how not to open a bag of crisps. The bottom burst and many crisps were scattered on the ground. It was then that we discovered Jake's better side. While he may have been unclear on leash safety issues, he was very clear that if he wanted to be a bigger dog then he should eat everything that fell on the ground, indeed he vacuum cleaned the spillages in a way that seemed worthy of a name. Eventually the chill autumnal air led to the runners beginning to get a little chilly so they were gathered together and sent across the road. A direction which they mostly recognised as being the wrong way.

After any number of cunning attempts at finding other ways back at the checks the runners discovered, not to their great surprise, that they had been sent off on a completely pointless loop and they returned to find fresh flour pointing them back the way they had come before the beer check. After a few minutes they passed the walkers being guided right at a check. Again a little local knowledge proved t be a dangerous thing as Perpetch and Dingus headed straight on in the knowledge that this was the way back. After a few hundred metres they encountered the X and returned to the check gathering up all the other FRBs. Apart from that one little detour the trail was more or less stright back after that and the FRBs led the pack back to the Val d'Azur school where Pedo had beer and muchies awaiting.

Down downs were awarded to
Road Runner & Procul as hares
Procul for his restaurant time cock up
Supermarket trolley and one virgin for competive running (Supermarket trolley ran the Nice-Cannes marathon, the virgin had a running test at school the following day).
Padre for his lack of local knowledge
Sudsucker and Supermarket trolley for gossiping and missing the X
Pedo and Contessa for something or other
Contessa for pointing out that there will be more guys than girls at the hash Xmas do
Allison hash publicist for organizing the hash Xmas do
Sadist for being skittish about whether he was able to write a skit for the Xmas do

Jake the vacuum cleaning hound was given the name of Dyson in honour of his ability and so Prestressed and Skinny A were awarded down downs on his behalf.

There were other down downs for crimes and misdemeanours that I can't recall.

The returners were honoured and told to come more frequently - Fairy Plongeur, Ruth, Procul, Lady Windermere, Disco Dave and Allison

The two young virgins were honoured having been led into this depraved environment courtesy of Road Runner and their mother.

Finally it was time for the Shit of the week. There were a number of accusations.
Procul was nominated for thinking that he'd given his car keys to Farty Bum (who had left).
Dingus was nominated for swearing at walkers
Prestressed was nominated for trying to claim that you couldn't nominate people for SotW for events on the previous hash
Sneaky Bastard was nominated for something else
And so was someone else

And the winner by a hare was Procul.

And then those that were dining headed to the restaurant.
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