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Zurich 500th Run, 28/11/08 – 30/11/08.
Time: November 28, 2008 at 5pm to November 30, 2008 at 4pm
State/Province: Zürich
Posted By: Thirsty Thursday

Event Description:
In the depths of Chlösterli Forest (near the Zoo!), Zürich, Switzerland, ZH3 will be hosting the 500th Run. 3 day Event Starting 28/11/08. Great central location, wonderful scenic woodland and picturesque views of the lake via the 3xtrails starting with a Red Dress run on Friday. Wild, Wild Zoo party with Gourmet food via Chef-de-Cuisine, W&R. All details via www.zh3.ch or mail wet.and.ready@zh3.ch

If you have a HashSpace signin then see more details and RSVP on HashSpace:


Christmas Bash 2008 - 6/12/08
Full details here.

Run 597 14/12/08 - Merrydick's Soixante but not neuf
This will be Merry Dick 60th. birthday celebration(?).

Padre would like to know of any original members still in the area so he can contact them, to inquire if they are:
a) still alive and
b) want to come along and see how the old fart is aging and c) join in the celebrations.
DIVAHHH Champagne Weekend 2009, Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March 2009
in Reims, France Party in style in the Champagne Region!
more details here
The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/09. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Porquerolles Weekend 18th - 20th September 2009
Brief details here.

Contessa and Pedo's stepping up

Please click here for our letters section of this run report.

Rough and windy, not the Hares, the weather. The hashers assembled on the pavement opposite Nice yacht club as the tourists from a cruise ship strolled past and wondered who we were, one pair worked out we were all American and asked if we had arrived by plane!

The runners set off along the road and the walkers carried on talking until it was time to go. We climbed up a few steps which didn't quite stop the talking but slowed it down a bit. The runners ran on, presumably not talking at all, after all, we are a running group not a debating society...but even that's debatable.

Eventually we reached the beer stop (drink in moderation) somewhere up Mount Boron where a limited amount of booze (alcohol can damage your health) was available but no cake or other health foods. Has Jeffries been affected by the credit crunch we ask ourselves. It was trés windy up there but the view over Cap Ferrat worth the effort.

The descent was a pleasant stroll with more good views and, aided by gravity, much easier so there was lots of interesting chat.

Back at the bottom there was time for a drink ( too much wine can damage your liver) which we needed after a hazardous walk just above, and sometimes below, sea level while Pedo treated us to a demonstration of precision parking. Muff Diva and her nice new Fusion are ok now!

Contessa gave us all a piece of paper on which we had to guess the correct number of steps on the hash. Answers varied from fourteen to twenty two thousand seven hundred and forty six.... sometimes I wonder if its the beer ( beer may affect your mental ability)

The circle praised Contessa and Pedo for the excellence of the hash

Perpetch got a down down for walking up the steps and was accused of getting old, not his fault surely, what else can he do?
No Satisfaction was called a temptress, will all temptees send me an 'e' describing their experience.
In my notes it says 'Farty Bum hooked on Pedos balls' but I have no idea what this means.
It was decided that Sudsucker (see, I do know your name) and Dingus should be publicly pissed on for competitively running a Marathon as should Padre for corrupting public morals.
Muff Diva, RubberMaid and Saddle Sniffer had no reasonable excuses for absence, something about a wedding but it all sounds a bit unlikely.
Prestressed proposed Sneaky Bastard for SotW on very feeble grounds which were instantly rejected by the fair- minded hashers. Big End and Perpetch shared the glory.
A good meal in the Club Nautique followed but not attended by Mme Mouton who arrived late, went round the trail backwards, got soaked and missed the food...that's hashers for you!

Sneaky Bastard
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R*n 593: NEXT HASH 16-Nov

Meet at 12:30 for 13:00 start.

Directions to Val D'Azur

Val D'Azur is on the road that goes between Valbonne and Biot.

From Valbonne, Biot or Sophia - drive to the roundabout where the Pharmacy is, and the Champion Supermarket is behind it.
  • From Valbonne that’s currently the 4th roundabout when heading towards Biot.
  • From Biot that’s currently the 1st roundabout when heading towards Valbonne.
  • From Sophia that’s out past the Medihotel, past the fire station, down one side of the valley and up the other, turn right  at 1st roundabout and it is the 2nd roundabout when heading towards Biot
From this roundabout, head in direction of Biot for 50 metres, a school is on your left hand side, and then turn left into Val D'Azur. (Of course if you were coming from Biot in the first place, you could have turned right into Val D'Azur, just before reaching the roundabout). If coming from anywhere else - buy a map, or use Mappy directions at: http://www.mappy.co.uk/