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Ghost on the Coast 24th-26th October, Viareggio
Details here.

Zurich 500th Run, 28/11/08 – 30/11/08.
Time: November 28, 2008 at 5pm to November 30, 2008 at 4pm
State/Province: Zürich
Posted By: Thirsty Thursday

Event Description:
In the depths of Chlösterli Forest (near the Zoo!), Zürich, Switzerland, ZH3 will be hosting the 500th Run. 3 day Event Starting 28/11/08. Great central location, wonderful scenic woodland and picturesque views of the lake via the 3xtrails starting with a Red Dress run on Friday. Wild, Wild Zoo party with Gourmet food via Chef-de-Cuisine, W&R. All details via www.zh3.ch or mail wet.and.ready@zh3.ch

If you have a HashSpace signin then see more details and RSVP on HashSpace:


Christmas Bash 2008 - 6/12/08
Details here.

The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/09. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Porquerolles Weekend 18th - 20th September 2009
Brief details here.




Run Report for  Perpetch’s Hash at  Lac St. Cassien

‘Locked Beer, No Circle and Lessons in Checks and Falsies for Little Bo Peep’

As reported by Contessa…”she rocks!”


Under a threatening sky on Sunday afternoon, Sept 21st,  15/16 Hashers congregated in the parking after the big bridge Lac St Cassien. Previous rain and a moody sky hinted of potentially open up with showers as we were abt to head off. This Hash had more walkers(11) than runners (only 4) so Pedo, Prestressed and Two Cheeky were advised that this run would include some swimming, and they trotted off in the other direction, as Perpetch led the walkers across the road and into the woods. We followed rambling paths up and down and all seemed rather normal. The previous night’s rainfall had ‘melted’ some of the trail flour, and Perpetch was obviously counting on our well honed Hashing skills to do the trail, with very little flour to guide the way. In fact Perpetch was our only leader – without a co-hare to help – which can be seen as either brave or foolish. As Hashers love to be foolish too perhaps this was par for the course – hahaha.


OK, so here are abt. 10 walkers going up the trail, and as Walkers do they chat and take their time, and when Contessa stopped to tie her shoe – of all things – the walkers had disappeared somewhere. Contes, walking with Mme Mouton, were confused – how/where did everyone disappear too? They called out – no replies.  So the two of them followed as best possible the meagre flour trail until arriving to a circle, then of course, having to actually find their own way, like true Hashers, they took a long falsie only to be disappointed with a big ‘X’and the need to turn around and retrace steps back to the last Check. Mme Mouton, usually in a spirited and optimistic mood was beginning to doubt our ability to get us out of the remote jungle. “Just imagine Ingrid Betencourt for 7 yrs in the Columbian jungle – she lived like this everyday’ Contessa told Mme Mouton, to distract her from giving up. “I don’t know, I’m going back to the car park”, Mme Mouton was heard to say. “No, stay! >We’re on the trail, we just came upon a false detour, stay with me!” Contessa reassured her, giving her lessons in Hash fundamentals of marking and finding a trail. So Mme Mouton hung in there and again, another check and another false trial had Mme Mouton really worried again, and once again, Contessa urged her to stay and trust Hashing instincts, “the beer stop must not be too far from here…”. Well, it was a long walk and required advance trail searching skills until the two of them finally reached the Beer Stop. Contessa entertained and distracted Mme Mouton with stories and conversations to keep the mood up. Mme Mouton later complimented Contessa “You were a rock! Thank you for hanging in there and guiding me, encouraging me because I was worried and really lost and ready to give up”. A compliment well appreciated!


So the two drag in to the beer(less)stop, expecting it to be finished, and to be the last ones, and what do they find…  forlorn walkers sitting on rocks and waiting, as the beer mobile was locked and Pedo was off somewhere, swimming and running, with the key in his pocket. “We’ve been waiting 50 minutes and we have nothing to drink!!!” they complained, with vacant looks on their faces; as the inclement weather dampened spirits – speaking of spirits – spirits to drink- spirits to enliven…only ghostly spirits were present as we all stood and sat around waiting for the runners to arrive. Knicker Licker called it ‘bonding’. Why did Mud Wrestler (Madame Pedo) not carry a spare key in her pocket?? Tsk tsk, “I can’t even have a small bottle of water – we pay like everyone else, and we don’t drink gin &tonics, but there is no small bottles of water to carry on the walk”, she rightly observed.


But Mme Mouton was nervous because her friends she’d brought  with her were also lost – two lady walkers, Kate (her neighbour in Vence) and Val( Pole Dancer from Australia) were no where to be found! Ode to Madame Mouton:  ‘Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep and couldn’t tell where to find them…leave them alone and they will come home, trailing their tails behind them…” Where were they? Were they waiting back at the parking? Do they know abt Hashing trails? Can they find their way, in this vast and isolated forest? Perpetch, with a concerned look on his face,  trotted back down the trail to see what was going on, only to return soon with a smile – they were found, in good humour and the runners showed up too!!  Thank goodness for that! The beers and chips were more than appreciated, Pedo livened up the damp atmosphere as it began to rain, by turning on jazzy music in his car. Umbrellas opened. Prestressed, came and went, he seemed to keep running, and I never saw him again…


Walkers hung together this time, on our way back to the parking, and this time subjected to walking on a dangerous highway and taking a wrong turn to see the lake – a calm and beautiful moment – too bad we didn’t have more of it – I was to find out later, that walkers were not supposed to be going down on the lake’s shore – why not? It was highly appreciated by everyone. I think Walkers look forward to getting lost a bit, as they love to have something to chat about …


Back at the parking, no time for a Circle, we had been out there for three hours, plenty of exercise, it was now after 7pm! So this was a circle-less Hash,  we headed to the restaurant to recuperate over a hearty menu. Without a Circle, there was no official Down Down’s but Pedo had some in mind anyway… to Contessa for being out of character and showing up on time… to Two Cheeky for slowing down the runners… etc. A new Virgin Hasher joined us from London, the charming and attractive Suzie Matthews, a Subscription Manager, and I was sorry to learn that during her five day holiday on the Riviera, the weather was grey and rainy. She will just have to come back to join us again… as the RHHH can certainly benefit from a pro in Circulation!


Thank you to Perpetch for setting the run and all who accompanied us that day –  Bozo the dog, Toss Pot, Confusion, Long & Hard, and the rest.


* * *


Ps – note to all Hashers of an up coming opportunity to GIVE/TRADE/SELL your stuff.

After the success of the recent Contessa belt giveaway two Hashes ago, the idea came to mind to get together and offer everyone the chance/motivation to clean out your closets and GIVE/TRADE/SELL your stuff. Have clothes you don’t wear anymore? Your closets are too full? This is the chance to do something about it. Bring your things (does not have to be clothes only) to Knick Licker’s house in Juan Les Pins, on Sunday morning, Oct. 26th.

More details to follow later… contact Contessa or Knicker Licker who are co-organising this fun morning, to be followed by a group lunch in Juan les Pins.



Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 590: NEXT HASH 5-Oct

The St Flour Day Hash

Countess Confusion and Duchess Knicker Licker request the pleasure of your company in the beautiful metropolis of Biot. You will have the choice of a gentle stroll through the woody paths or a sprint and gallop through the jungles of our delightful village.

Time: 11.00 for 11.30 start

Starting Point: La Fontaine Car Park, Biot

From the RN7: at the roundabout by Biot station take the route de Mer (Antibesland on your left and Marineland on the right), go over the next two roundabouts towards Biot and at the first set of traffic lights turn left (towards Antibes).

From A8 Antibes exit : follow road to Biot. Car park is just after the little bridge after the road junction.

From Valbonne : Take the road to Biot, drive through the village and turn right on to the Antibes and A8 road. Approx 50-60m further on (just before a little bridge) take the first left up the little road to the car park.

By popular request lunch will be provided at a first class local eatery.

RSVP 06 21 81 21 06
06 80 71 40 32