Riviera H3: Lou Papier Run Report for Seborga, July 27th, 2008

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Run Report for Seborga, July 27th, 2008

Hares Contessa and Pedo


As reported by Contessa

with guest comments from No Satisfaction



Legend has it that bishops and saints were told to keep the ‘great secret’ of the Principality of Seborga. Well not anymore, as the RHHH invaded the medieval hilltop domain in strong number and good spirits for the July 27th run, walk and media event.

Many elements came together to make this a run special, not-to-be-missed or forgotten: the weather in our favour if you like it HOT, the historical location  and first-time charm if you like UP, but also 35 Hashers deserve credit for the longish journey FAR, to RdV 75 kms from Antibes, above Bordighera. When you think abt it, no different in distance than going to St Tropez, but contrary in ambiance.


A bit of background – choosing this location  was a sort of ‘replacement option’ for what Contesssa and Pedo had been planning all along – to set the trail in Italy from Grimaldi Superior to Mortola Superior, including historic paths on the beach. After many dedicated trips to the Ligurian border towns to tromp the overgrown valley searching the famous forgotten trail, they had to admit defeat - there was no way they could find to connect these villages crossing the valley. And Contessa had even exposed herself to deep research with nude gay sunbathers on hidden shoreline paths, in the name of thorough hashing research.  So what does a co-hare do when faced with a challenging decision to make? …he goes away 2 weeks on holiday, leaving all up to Contessa to manage. And this she did with great marketing flair, dedication and media connections. Although Pedo was later heard to make the macho comment to Contessa that “she makes a good assistant”!   


And this my dear Hashers, is why this run was in Seborga, not only as a First Time location for RHHH, but also a special opportunity to be part of a documentary radio show, to be aired on ‘Rock of the Riviera, 88.4, when Mark Dezani hosts his weekly Radio Caroline show.

Comments from No Satisfaction: Serboga is a charming location. I particularly liked the 'century box' at the entrance with the flag! Shame Piedo was not standing in it to welcome us!”

The turnout was very good when numbers were taken pre-run (35) – as the chance to be on the radio provided of course an ideal opportunity for the Hash to show off! And that they did, many arriving early, very early, dominating the café at the centre of Seborga village,  relaxing over a long lunch, bottles of beer, cold Prosecco and the like.  Np Satisfaction who brought along two visiting guests says: “My conscientious friends Nicholena and Raymond Germany looked on aghast at how the HASHERs prepared for the run on a hot Summer's afternoon, namely full tables of wine, beer and even Champagne!” No Satisfaction was later to observe: “By the circle, my guests were getting into the swing of things, throwing beers around like the rest of us”.

Fashion report: resplendent in her red polka dot ensemble with matching shoes and handbag was Knicker Licker who  later magically  slipped into something more comfortable and sportif for the march up the hill. Even salt-challenged Confusion, considering to opt out of the walk, peppered up at the last minute and hiked anyway. One can only imagine her regrets not to be accompanied by her favourite accordion serenade to add some new spices to her vegetarian palette.


 By the time that the Hares had dragged in finished laying the trail, the town square was crowded with Hashers, arriving, changing, drinking, chatting. And then at 15:30 we were off!


The walkers were sent up up up up an ancient Roman road,  remains of a Roman bridge still in place. Shaded and sometimes paved like the Roman roads are,  with large flat rocks, this proved a course to take your breath away. Ruth, hiking with Fairy Plunger was so overcome with ecstasy in the middle of the afternoon, she saw stars! In the meantime, the runners busied themselves ascending a long road forest road, sometimes dirt, other times even sand. I marvelled at the runners endurance in these long hot uphill runs. Have to give these runners credit – but especially to Perpetch who not only runs like the dickens but is exceptional in that he cycled from Ventimiglia that morning, up the hill to Seborga. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay to take part in the circle and dinner as he cycled back down again to Ventimiglia to catch the train with his bike. But this is what he is used to!


In general the runners and walkers complemented the course with good remarks, appreciating a hilltop beer stop, professionally marked by Tim the Seborga resident &  artist who was our 3rd co-hare for the day. Using flour, Tim drew on the ground at the beer stop a sort of large magic circle with spiked star-like design. If a UFO were to land they would have been duly impressed! No Satisfaction says, There were some complaints that the beer stop was too early, but only from those expecting a proper hike! 'The Artist' was seen strolling along a mountain path  in his 'brothel creeper' slip-on shoes!! Should have got a down down for that.”

Back down the hill, this time, the runners were flying, Dingus tried to shortcut and ended up in a dead end bramble patch, the walkers shuffled along chatting away. No Satisfaction observed, Trail was well marked and straight forward, up a mountain and back down a mountain. Only those with too much 'beer/wine/Champagne' could possibly get it wrong. And they did! Beautiful views and scenery en route. The guy from the restaurant in 'Nice': He ran like 'grease lightning'. Fantastic running style. What a waste at the HASH!”


And then we were being filmed!! Mark surprised all of us crouching in the road, not only was he doing a radio show but also video coverage, making a documentary film on the RHHH, as we came into town. The coverage continued throughout the Circle as Mark smoothly moved like a pro, capturing all the singing and down downs on video, as he is in the process of collecting local video shows for his company TV archives for, Europa Productions. Eventually the RHHH will have the link to this video on our website.  Following the Circle filming, Mark  individually interviewed respected ‘ole timers in Hash Mismanagement’ on the culture of Hashing. Proudly outfitted for the occasion in transnational Hashing patches, vests and tee shirts, Padre, Prestressed, Sadist, Dingus and later even Contessa, were interviewed for this video. Both the radio and video will be ready soon and Contessa will make sure everyone knows when to tune into Mark’s Radio Caroline show on fm 88.4 We will also see that a link goes to the file on the RHHH site.


With the Circle underway, and the Hashers doing their best to impress Mark with lots of songs, putting special effort into gestures and loud singing and the logic only Hashers understand, we were honoured to be joined by the arrival of Team Cumalot (x4 in a 4x4)  and they joined in the folly of the final group singoff ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’. Picture that onstage- 35 Hashers singing in the village square. Mark of course was getting all of this on film – should be a riot! No Satisfaction observes, “It does not take much to encourage HASHERs, particularly when a large film camera is produced. Suddenly everyone is a star and quick-witted! Shame there was no film in the camera (was there?)”

Comments from No Satisfaction: The Circle produced excellent word-perfect renditions of many 'blue' HASH songs. Enough to frighten off anyone considering joining the group, until they relaxed into the swing of things. Dingus' performance of the 'Necro' song deserved an Oscar. The film directors diced with death, climbing over stacked tables to get those special close shots. Group shots were organised on the specially provided stage. Also, one of the Virgins (can't remember her name) was delighted to be called a 'Virgin' again. Should have got a down down”

Special guests that day were Seborga locals Johanna and Jeanette, a dog from Monaco and of course Tim our trusty co-hare/painter and Mark Dezani our media man.

No Satisfaction reports: Down Downs: Hares: Contessa, Pedo and Tim the Artist,
Virgins:  Raymond Nicholena and other locals, Jeanette, Johanna and Returners,  
SOW Piedo - for neglecting beer master duties (run before), and neglecting co-hare (you) Nicholena had to be restrained from sloshing the beer Spanish style down his throat, Sadist for not recognizing key female attributes , Dingus for being a real short cutting boar and following the wild boar tracks, including the 5 metres vertical descent which he just survived., The guy from the Nice restaurant for over-performing and running too well., Knickerlicker for goading him on - asking if he was ready for the 'race'. Rachel of Team Cumalot- for having the birthday (Down Down performed at the restaurant)

Dinner was at 7pm at the courtyard restaurant in the historical center, ‘Hosteria Il Coniglio’. We dined on ravioli, tagliatelle, rabbit, veal and  tart. Mosquitoes dined on us. No Satisfaction exclaims: “Probably the best prepared 'On On' meal I have ever had. Fantastic location, staff, food, value for money!! Well done on the choice of restaurant!”

Contessa passed out small candles to everyone for a romantic candlelit procession to Tims for the On On… On – a sort of personal invitation to view his provocative paintings over wine on his terrace overlooking the Italian and French Riviera. The lights of Monaco were twinkling in the distance and we had our final drinks of the day. Contessa proposed a toast “to Mark, a friend of 25 years and to all creative artists and journalists making a living doing what they love to do on the Riviera”. Contessa and Mark met when she was working for VOA Europe as a radio correspondent and Mark was her studio producer and coach, using the Radio Relax studios at that time, in Ventimiglia. Both do seem rather ‘relaxed’ so these broadcasts have left an impression.

The evening rolled into morning when Pedo and Contessa finally left Seborga at 1AM. For those who were not able to join us, such as Farty Bum, Sneaky Bastard, Jingle Bells, may this Run Report temper your regret for what you have missed!






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