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Never Cums

The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/08. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Marathon Bhutan, 7th September 2008
Details here.

Zurich 500th Run, 28/11/08 – 30/11/08.
Details here.

Jobsworth's Birthday Hash

In keeping with tradition, 'Jobsworth's annual 'Birthday Bash HASH' took us far into the stunning countryside behind 'La Turbie', as always guaranteeing a challenging and strenuous trail with fantastic views for 'Walkers' and 'Runners' alike.

Most were there on time. Even 'Padre', who decided not to run in his thongs (or is that 'flip-flops'). Or is one the result of the other? Anyway, despite his false start from home without adequate footwear, he and co-pilot 'Dingus' made it to the start just in time.

This time there were only 3 'Walkers'. Two of them retired at the starting point and took the car to 'Eze' for a coffee. But they did their duty and met us for the 'down downs' afterwards.

That left us with one walker 'Farty Bum' striking out alone and a gaggle of excited 'Runners' plus a walking 'Runner'. No need for any concern that we have reverted back to a serious running club: 'Roadrunner' made clear at the start that the 'Runners' intended to walk the 'Runners' route! And what a beautiful walk it was too!

There was one lonely 'FRB', 'Dingus', who's routine 50km bread-run every Saturday as has consequently left him in a class of his own. We rarely seem him during the run these days. All we notice is his 'whistle' from somewhere behind the bushes.

A few attempts were made in the sweltering heat to leg it up the craggy hillside and gather scratches, chasing through the bushes at an ever decreasing speed.
New member 'Didier' over-performed in the first half, beating everyone to the falsies.
The rest of us had a good old chat catching up on the past months and picking up a bit of sunburn on the way.
After the beer stop, some even opted to miss out the loop to the most spectacular view of all from the cliff top.

Soon it was back to base to crack open the beers and to pick from the few victims for the 'down-down's'.
The most obvious victim was 'Piedo', voted 'Shit of the week' in his absence, for phoning from vacation announcing he could not be 'beer master'.
The fun continued with a christening ceremony by 'Madame Mouton' of 'Little Pinkie' (formerly Peter with broken finger). Despite smearing handfuls of flour and beer into his hair, nooone really noticed the difference. There is an advantage to turning grey after all.

Actually the 'Religious Adviser', 'Dingus' really should have got a 'down down' too for cutting a dash in his Sunday best fancy purple kimono.

Finally it was time to get the picnic hampers out and serve a sumptuous feast under the trees, which was kindly prepared and served by 'Never Cums' and her assistant 'Charlotte'. We feasted on a variety of delicious quiches, sandwiches and a selection of salads, all washed down with a few jars and the usual innuendo.
There was even a birthday cake in the design of a glass of beer, which was devoured in about the same time it takes to drink one.
Many thanks again to the caterers for spending the weekend preparing food for us!

Here, in the usual disorder, is the list of the 'down-downs'.

The Hare Jobsworth - for an easy flat boring run as usual
Farty Bum The only 'Walker' to get lost
Madam Mouton
And Confusion For being idle bitches in the cafe
Returners Roadrunner, Wedgie, Peter, No Grappa
Roadrunner + Anne For 'wrinkling sex' all over the place at every opportunity
Didier For being 'French' as it was 14 July
Jobsworth For having another birthday
Padre For getting himself in a mess (flat battery and floppy shoes)
Little Pinkie formerly known as 'Peter'
Piedo 'SOW': For abdicating on his responsibilities


Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 585: NEXT HASH 27-Jul

An RHH First !

Contessa & Pedo’s Run & Walk in Seborga  July 27th

Meet 3pm for a 3: 30 start time.      Dinner at 7pm

Contessa tel +33(0)6 15 06 92 14

Pedo tel +33 (0)6 14 76 38 23

Not France, not Italy, not Monaco… join us for a very special Hash,  RHHH first time in the Principality of Seborga.

History An ancient feud of the Counts of Ventimiglia, later bestowed to the Monks of Lerins (AD 955), later a principality of the Roman Empire and then the Knights Templars, In 1127 a vow of silence was made between Saint Bernard of the Knights and the Great Bishop of the Cathars to safeguard "The Great Secret"  of Seborga. Today Seborga  is considered the first constitutional monarchy of the world. Experts of international law agree that the Principality of Seborga cannot be considered part of the Italian Republic., the people of Seborga elected in 1963 their Prince- Giorgio I, On April 23, 1995 Seborgans voted in favour on independence, for the Principality's Constitution and its general rules.

Be part of the Legend, be on the Radio!

Today Seborga has its own flag, its own currency, stamps and its own local residents – Mark Dezani and Tim Johnson. They will be welcoming the RHHH to Seborga and have some special events planned for us too! (read Bio of Mark’s DJ career below).


Mark, often heard on Riviera Radio, also broadcasts a weekly show for Radio Caroline, The Worlds Most Famous Offshore Radio Station” He will be interviewing the Hash for his next show!!!!, and of course, we’ll have a chance to perform some of our Hash songs too. You can then catch this broadcast on 88.4 ‘The Rock of the Riviera.  Mark will also be bringing his DJ system to the restaurant for musical ambiance. Following the dinner, to add to the magic, the Hash will be invited to a private candlelight procession and viewing of  Tim’s provocative  paintings. * what are we missing? One can only imagine the ghost of Confusion playing the accordion!


Travelling to Seborga


**note: Grand Master Prestressed is organising carsharing!  Contact him to get  or offer a ride.


Autoroute Diving directions -  calculated from Antibes/Carrefour A8 entrance, or abt 1.5 hrs driving time, approx 75 kms, €6,90 . 


From wherever you are…take A8 to Italy, and stay on Autostrada passing Ventimiglia exit to the next one,  marked Bordighera. Seconds after you leave the autostrada  paytoll, you will come upon a small roundabout, and take direction Seborga. You will be weaving your way up and up 8 kms. Park in the center square across from the cafe, or nearby, and the run & walk start here.




If driving coastal road from France, crossingVentimiglia, possible to do a winding climb from Bordighera up to Seborga (look for signs in the center of town) .Sharp tight turns.

Public transport – train to Ventimiglia, then Bordighera,  big blue bus leaves train stazione vicinity a few times on Sunday. Ask around for times. Takes abt 30 min, arrives in center of town at the Start. . Catch ride back to station if you take train home (no evening buses) 

Self Transport Also possible to cycle up the hill (abt 50 min? ) from Bordighera.

Sit down and drink a beer at the café!



The Course: Walkers go up, up (semi-challenging shaded ancient paths)  and down (easy, gradual walk along sunny forest road with sea view).  Abt 2 hrs for walkers + beerstop. Sturdy shoes could be useful for those not sure footed on first half of course. Runners do this and a bit more.



The Dinnerat Hosteria Il Coniglio, a charming restaurant, medieval edifice in the historical center of Seborga. Courtyard seating, For €20 Menu you will have your choice of:


Tagliatelle al Pesto
Ravioli a Ragu
Rabbit Seborga style with chips
Veal Escalope in white wine sauce with mixed veg
House fruit tart
1/4 litre redor white wine per person

A more extensive al la carte menu is available if preferred.


Our Host

Presenter Profile : Mark Dezani, from the Radio Caroline Website: Mark Dezzani


Each Sunday night Mark presents a programme from the Ancient Principality of Seborga overlooking the French and Italian Rivera's. Mark moved there in 1982 to work for English language Radio Nova International. Prior to this he had been operating land-based pirate stations in the UK starting in 1974 with Radio Zodiac International (short wave), Radio Activity in Crawley (medium wave) and Zodiac FM in London (1980-82).

He also helped pioneer the community radio lobby in the UK. In 1988 Mark established Sunshine Radio in Antibes, and in 1990 together with Radio Caroline DJ Grant Benson he started Elektra 108 from Seborga. Since 1994, Mark has been freelancing for Monte Carlo's Riviera Radio and has been correspondent for Billboard, Hollywood Reporter and Broadcast magazines. He now owns
Europa Productions producing corporate videos and TV documentaries & reports for broadcasters worldwide. In 2001, Mark arranged for Radio Caroline to be rebroadcast on the Rock Of The Riviera 88.4FM every Saturday & Sunday night from 19.00-01.00 CET.

"Radio Caroline is in my DNA. As a nipper I have memories of hearing it in the 60s and in the 70s as a teenager it was instrumental in educating my musical tastes. Caroline has survived through thick and thin for more than 40 years and still has a relevant message of peace and love. In a media climate of consolidation and homogeneity Radio Caroline continues to provide a real alternative of freedom and I am very proud to be associated with such a radio legend."