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The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/08. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Marathon Bhutan, 7th September 2008
Details here.

Dingus's Run

As the meet point for the next run, set by Hare Dingus, was the car at Promenade de L`Etang, Mougins, we all thought "easy" plenty of parking, Mougins, not difficult to find.
At least the weather was on our side, being warm with no sign of resent down pours.

When Padre and Big End turned up early, you would think "easy" we could have a nice large turn out. They must have heard the news that a large part of the car park would be occupied by roving T.V. and Radio crews, other people must have known this too as it was already full.
This became quite apparent when nearly time to start Farty Bum and Virgin Mouth arrived quite out of breath, Farty Bum not one to exaggerate said that they had to park miles down the road.

We were finally assembled and ready to start, off we raced ! !
Past all the movie camera`s, grinning, not wanting to give the wrong impression.
As there was a large open field ahead every one assumed that we would be running around this first, but Dingus had other ideas.
When Sadist and Padre shouted ON.ON., it was across the road and up into the woods, Pedo was lagging behind as usual tying up his shoe laces, normally this his ploy at checks until some one calls ON.ON.

On in and up ( yes! there was up hill ) a myriad of tracks appeared criss crossing everywhere, as we were trying to find the trail, Hair Flic kept asking " well, how long are your hashes ?" As the hare Dingus had just arrived back from Japan after having completed a 50 kilometer race, this was a difficult question to answer.
The problem being that all these tracks looked so alike we could have covered them more than once.

Just in time, the hare arrived having taken a short cut, well he didn`t appear to be out of breath like the rest of us.
We had by this time lost Perpetch, or was it that he had lost us ?
It was also time for a beer as we had covered these tracks for what seemed like an eternity. But, no there were more woods to cover before being rewarded with a beer.
When we finally discovered a road, it was obviously beer at last.
We all arived in dribs and drabs, the walker being the drabs !

After the beer stop, we thought nice easy run in, forgetting this 50 kilometers that the hare had just completed, it was at least another 45 minutes until we sited the cars, that is of course if you recognised the direction we returned in.
So very tired and having the feeling I had at least done 20 kilometers, we arrived back at the start.

By this time all the camera crews had left and no one to record our weary state.

Well done Dingus for a most interesting trail with loads of fruit to sustain us.


Dingus - Hare

Too Cheeky - being slow/lost cohare and restaurant critic.

Diarrhea, Tosspot, Herr Flick - being sidetracked by plums and deciding trail markings did not apply to them.

Returners - Herr Flick, Dingus

Pedo - not accepting crisps

Farty Bum & Virgin Mouth - parking miles from the start

Big End - leaving

4 french virgins - Beatrice, Didier, Cedric and Laurence.

Mudwrestler - Wanting fanta lite because she`s a "Princess !"

Shit of the week - Diarrhea for boasting she ran 12km (competitive running) but actually wearing the shirt that said she did 5km!
We were joined at the restaurant "Chez Angelo" in Le Cannet by Confusion, who should have had a down down, for an eating only hash.
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Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 584: NEXT HASH 13-Jul

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