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The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/08. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Marathon Bhutan, 7th September 2008
Details here.

Farty Bum's Wet Birthday Run

So this day the 20th April was (thanks Padre) Napoleon III's birthday, Hitler's birthday and, even more scarily, Farty Bum's birthday. So in celebration of Farty Bum's 21st Annual 21st birthday she set a hash trail. She liased with Dirty Dingus who put her instructions on the web but not quite perfectly. No doubt as a result of that miscommunication she was too distraught to have a chat with the hash gods. As a result Meteo France predicted accurately that the hevens would open at 15h00 the very time when the hash was due to commence. For a wonder Meteo France were right on the money - precipitaion was noted at 14h55 and by the time we got to 15h05 it was seriously urinating it down.

Well the runners, weakened by the shirking of Perpetch and No Satisfaction who felt that their 21.1km warm up run in Nice that morning had rather over strained their delicate footsies, set off with Padre and Tidal Dave in the lead. Bringing up the rear were Pedo and a visiting Sinex. Then there were the walkers some with dogs. Then last but not least was Dirty Dingus who had also done the 21.1km warmup run and was still able to trot sort of. Dingus caught up the walkers, and then encountered Farty Bum giving directions to Contessa about crossing over the autoroute turning left then right and catching people up - however this was the first and last time anyone saw Contessa who decided that the unclear directions and the inclement weather meant it was better to drive back whence she came instead of joining the hash. Actually it is hard to blame her as it was a miserable afternoon.

Anyway the walkers turned right and began to climb. The runners ran straight on and began to climb. Dingus doggedly followed the runners and shortly overtook Pedo and Sinex who were running at a pace that would have put the walkers to shame, for its slowness that is. Then the trail went down and lo and behold a bunch of walkers struggling up the next hill. The runners went through them and then ran a long a street where in more celment weather Farty Bum has had a beer check. Then we hit the countryside and promptly got lost. Then trail was found and wet and muddy it was too. After a good deal or wett muddyness we arrived at the back of TI and the front got lost again before Dingus found the sneaky descent that all and sundry (or more accurately all and rainwet)  had missed. Contour down to a creek, cross and contour back on the other side. The voice of Farz Bum is heard informing the FRBs that the Beer check is by the cemetary. Fitting as we would be dying for a beer about then. After a certain amount of contoring the FRBs viz Padre and Tidal Dave arrived at a check. A cemetary was visible down the hill on the right so Tidal D went straight on and Padre went up hill to the left. Active walker Miles, ably assisted by Dingus found lots of red wool down the hill to the right in the direction of the visible cemetary. Down they went. Eventually they entered the back of the cemetary and then passed swiftly to the dead center and the entrance whence they could see the Pedo mobile. The rain continued to fall from the sky so Miles produced an umbrella from somewhere and provided shelter. Eventually various other runners showed up. Conspicuous by their absence was Pedo, who had the key, and Padre who was rumoured to have the spare. Eventually, after the runners had discussed the advantages of roofs and the disadvantages of flat roofs Pedo appeared and there was much rejoicing.

Sometime later the walkers straggled in. As did Padre from a different direction to everyone else.

Then it was time for part deux. Which involved following blue tape - probably not biodegradable but definitely waterprrof - and flour to a foot bridge across the Loup. Which had barriers welded in place. However there was flour so we ignored the barriers and ran across anyway. And then somewhere in the village the trail got confusing. Various runners ran various parts of the trail in various directions  as well as various other alleys that might have been trail. At different points, in dribs and drabs, all decided this was a silly idea and went back to the main road found Farty Bum walkers and lots of flour. Then it was down here up there and generaly speaking back to the coast and the start. Padre continued his infidelit with the trail by running back on the main road instead of crossing under the autoroute and running on smaller streets. Eventually all arrived at the end and beer was had while we awaited the walkers. It was noted that Pedo had inexplicably failed to fit the tent and patio heater attachment to his vehicle.

The walkers showed up and most of the Francophone ones (i.e.Mudwrestler, Diarrhea, Tosspot and one other) buggered off stat for somewhere warmer and drier. As did Cum Cum, Flyme, Lindsay and the dogs. Their absences were noted.

The rest of us had a damp and somewhat abbreviated circle.

Firstly the hares Farty Bum and Virgin Mouth were honoured for their trail. Then there were down downs for the skivers who visited Oz to get out of the annual Spare Rib Easter run, the semi marathoners, Padre for finding a piece of one way trail, Farty Bum for her birthday, Padre for premature St George's day enthusiasm, Miles the new runner for umbrella hashing and a couple of other miscreants that I've forgotten. Then it was time for shit of the week. Nominations were Padre for continued inability to follow trail as well as Sadist, Pedo and Dingus for crimes too minor to worry about. After the usual Zimbabwean-style voting Padre was declared the winner with Sadist as runner up.

Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 577: NEXT HASH 4-May

Meet at 10.30 for 11.00 start at Mme Mouton's Bergerie, Les Terraces des Aigues Vives, 521 Chemin des Anciens Combattants AFN, Vence

A sumptuous repast will be prepared for us at L'Olive in Tourrettes sur Loup- but you must reserve with Mme Mouton if you want to come clare.burdis@club-internet.fr
Tel Home 0493 587903 Cell 06 20 92 61 43
Reserve by Friday pm


From Nice take A8, exit at Cagnes-sur-Mer.
Short directions- follow signs for Vence and drive through town - go to next paragraph. Long directions (which probably gets the number of roundabouts wrong as they keep building more of them) At first roundabout take second exit direction Vence onto dual carriageway, go straight on, pass shops on RH side, Macdonald's on LH, Casino on RH, large garden centre on RH, continue to roundabout with big fire station take first exit and start climbing to Vence. After first roundabout, look left to lovely view of St Paul, at next roundabout (great bakery!) go straight on, to next roundabout. Follow "Toutes Directions", take second exit. Straight on, cross next roundabout (Total filling station on LH), keep climbing, pass Picard and SAP (LH), after Leclerc (LH) road narrows. At next roundabout, go straight across (second exit), pass between small Casino shop on LH corner and bank & pharmacy on RH corner. Pass La Poste (LH), and take first left after La Poste, get into right hand lane, you are now leaving Vence, direction Tourrettes sur Loup. Slow down, nearly there! Pass under footbridge and fire station (LH), and Hotel Floréal Best Western (RH). Look left, at white phone box turn down that street (two names: Chemin des Anciens Combattants en AFN or Ancienne route de Tourrettes.500 metres down the road) Steepish descent, levels off, go slow, nearly there!, pass between rubbish bins and glass and paper containers, road narrows up to tiny roundabout with big olive tree, road splits into two, KEEP LEFT of olive tree, go slow, about five metres after olive tree turn left into our private road Les Terraces des Aigues Vives. Don't go into Le Serena, keep straight on and when you can't go any further turn left and follow road down to car park. Park well back so that all can get in.

From Cannes on A8, exit Cagnes-sur-Mer, at traffic lights join one way system on RN7, keep straight on, follow signs for Cagnes-sur-Mer, go slow, watch for slip road on RH side! At roundabout take first exit, at SECOND set of traffic lights turn left, follow road to roundabout. (This is "first roundabout" mentioned in above directions, so follow those from here.)

From Grasse, Valbonne etc., go through Roquefort les Pins direction Villeneuve-Loubet. At roundabout turn left, cross bridge into Villeneuve-Loubet. Go straight on, up hill to roundabout, take third exit, go straight on to Mcdonalds and Casino roundabout. Take third exit onto dual carriageway, large garden centre on RG, at next roundabout follow above instructions.

From Grasse via Bar sur Loup- follow D2210 through Pont du Loup and Tourrettes sur Loup. As you enter the Vence limit sign, go through the traffic light after the BP station and Mr Bricolage on the right, then take first right 200 m after the traffic light- this is the Chemin des Anciens Combattants as above.


Map here.