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Never Cums

Easter Hash 23rd March
Spare Rib needs to have numbers for the on-on on 23rd March. Please email peterjohnson@wanadoo.fr

Perth Interhash, 21st - 23rd March 2008
Details here.

The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/08. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.
Marathon Bhutan, 7th September 2008
Details here.

Supermarket Trolley and Confusion's Annual Mimosa Hunt

As we all gathered at the start, some earlier than others, as they miss read the start time. Also arriving without passing any traffic lights. Passing go or collecting two hundred pounds.
(If the last run report had been written, this point would have been mentioned. So now back track to The Haggis Run Report.)
Jobsworth and Cumalot were noted by their absence, were they were sulking as nobody had bothered to write a run report to honour their last run? We reckon the G.M. / R.A. should have had shit of the week, as this is down to his mismanagement and should be guiding the hash in the right direction.

As this was an early start so we could all arrive at the restaurant in time, we started promptly at 1100hrs. Well some of us did! We did not have to look very far for flour as there was a rather large check to start us off which is unusual, but given the fact that there were at least eight trails to choose from, understandable.
For the first five minutes there were runners scampering all over the place, checking out every trail before doubling back and finding the correct one. We were finally off.
Meanwhile, the walkers were all standing around gossiping while this was going on.
(Nothing new there then. Ed.)
Presumably waiting for late comers such as Contessa, Mr Pizza, Toggleoggle and friend, Barbra ?
We started running through beautiful woodland trails, round and round and up and down. I swear we covered a lot of ground at least three times.
Such a well thought out trail, every time I arrived at a check the F.R.B.`s were returning to it and I instantly became an F.R.B. The beauty of this is on numerous occasions runners like Sudsucker, Dingus, Padre, Bruce (with a hash name that sucks) all passed me at least half a dozen times; also runners who are slower get the chance to feel part of the pack. This is not counting Perpetch, I think he is in training for the Ball Breaker at Perth, at one of the checks he was spotted disappearing into the distance and was not seen again until the beer stop.
Padre told me he had observed Big End running along side Prestressed chatting, she then left him for dead. I guess there should have been a down down for Prestressed, because he was under the illusion he was running.
As dingus had helped with the beer stop and professed to know where the beer stop was, deciding that we were running away from it he was continually consulting his GPS, as the hares had all of us going around in ever decreasing circles, it was quite easy for us non GPS users to be totally confused also.
Although Padre and Big End had inside knowledge of these woodland trails, they were at a disadvantage in not knowing where the beer car was. Then most of us did not care on such a lovely day running off road was enough. We finally spotted the hare just before a steep run up hill, saying ON.ON. to beer.

At the beer stop who should be passing and spotted Padre, were Flaming and Moaner, They proceeded to join us for a beer and catch up on old times.

After the beer stop, the trail went back into the woodland and only 30 minutes to home. Just enough to run off the beer drunk at the beer stop. When we regrouped for down, downs, our friendly ex hashers were there to greet us and drink some more of our beer. Whoever trained Super Market Trolley and Confusion did a superb job for on the whole trail you were never more than a couple of kilometers from the start. Given S.M.T.`s penchant for long tarmac stretches, she certainly had padre confused. (That's not too difficult Ed.)
Such a wonderful run and well done to the hares.

Do not remember them all but will have a go.
HARES. Super Market Trolley and Confusion.
LATECOMERS. Contssa, Mr Pizza, Toggle-oggle and friend, also prepetch.
DIRECTIONALLY CHALENGED. Two Cheeky, going round the same roundabout more than once.
DUALLING. Padre and Mme Mouton.
NO RUN REPORT LAST TIME. Dingus. ( Nominated by Shepherds Bush, they had been away and wanted to check out the last run and could not find it on the web page.) ( This should have been a nomination for S.O.T.W.)
RETURNERS. Idyl. Flaming and Moaner. (only here for the beer.)
NEW MEMBER. Bruce. ( With the name that sucks.)
Nominations were; Farty Bum for dobbing in her mates and being sneaky. (We already have one of those.)

Confusion for getting lost on her own trail. (I would have said confused not lost.)

Farty Bum wanted to go first for the cheers in deciding, she said that if you go first you never win shit of the week !!!!


The ON.ON. was in Valbonne at Terra Rossa. Where we had been before and thoroughly enjoyed.

Here are a few snippets from the table.

Two Cheeky in need of extra sustenance ready for her trip to Perth, proceeded to fill her bag with the left over cheese.

Farty Bum envious of Padre`s balls, so had two desserts.

Confusion whose heart monitor read 8 kilometers.
Prestressed had a GPS telling him 10 kilometers to the beer stop.
Sudsucker, Dingus and Bruce did all the false trails and his was only 8 k. So where had Prestressed been for 2k. ? ?
Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 573: NEXT HASH 09-Mar

11:00 for 11:30 start.

From the A8 At Rond-Point de la Libération, take the 3rd exit onto D6185 heading to N1085/Grasse/Mougins/Valbonne/Mouans-Sartoux
4.9 km
4 mins
12. Take the D409 exit toward Mouans-Sartoux/La Roquette-sur-Siagne/Pégomas
0.3 km
13. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto D409 heading to La Roquette-sur-Siagne
1.1 km
2 mins
14. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Avenue de la Quiéra
0.1 km
15. Slight left at Avenue de la Quiera
0.3 km
16. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Voie F
0.6 km
1 min
17. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Voie J

Restaurant is €25 for a 3.5 course menu plus some wine. It looks to be a bit posher than normal hence the price but the food is supposed to be excellent - http://www.lepalaisdescoqs.com

Map here.