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Never Cums

Perth Interhash, 21st - 23rd March 2008
Details here.

The U.K. Nash Hash 28/08 – 31/08/08. Organised by Edinburgh HHH,
Details here.


A motley crew gathered in the winter sunshine for this hinterland Hash in the Var. The numbers were considerably down on recent Hashes, was this due to the early start, Christmas shopping or because the missing Hashers knew this was going to be a Perpetch special? Pedo had definitely entered into the festive spirit, sporting a snow white Santa Claus beard. Fortunately, there were no under 30 year olds present for Pedo to entice to sit on his knee. It was good to see the mug less Idyll back, who after all these years on business travel still hasn't learnt what to prioritise when packing. And so in true military style we were sent on our way on the stroke of 11.30 a.m. The runners started with a very stimulating 20 min. tour of the environs of the Intermarche supermarket before heading into the back country. Things started to sound a bit ominous when the Beer Meister pronounced that as well as the usual beer, crisps, nuts and chocolate, oxygen would also be supplied at the Beer Stop. True to form, Perpetch had set a long hard course going in a generally upward direction. There were lots of false trails to keep us entertained, some of which were longer than some recent Hashes I could mention. As the hours ticked by, the gap between the FRBs and the tail end Charlies i.e. Too Cheeky and Dire Rear, who's style of running could seriously be challenged under the Trades Description Act, was steadily getting greater. Perpetch, who by the way didn't even make a guess appearance on the runner's trail, being an environmentally friendly kind of guy, managed to set the first half of the trial using half a bag of flour. Is this a record? In fact, the flour was so thin on the ground that the FRB's Padre and Supermarket Trolley, managed to run through a cross, ended up on the walker's trail and added a further 4 km to the original trail for good measure. Like sheep, the rest of the runners followed the FRBs, with the exception of Cum-a-lot, who had some inside information and managed to do the correct route. When we managed to crawl our way, huffing and puffing, to the Beer Stop at the highest point in Tourrettes, we were met by a group of disgruntled walkers who were whinging even more than normal, if that is possible, as they had been standing around a car full of beer for the last 45 mins with no key to get into it. The views were certainly stunning from our vantage point. When we had finally re-charged our batteries and were ready to set off on the home leg, who should come into view but Too Cheeky and Dire Rear, Too Cheeky with her mobile phone welded to her ear, after having made Dire Rear profoundly deaf with her endless chatting (or may be she was just pretending). Anyway, what goes up must come down and the second half of the trail was a gentle canter in a downward direction, back to the car park. At least the walkers got their revenge and kept the runners waiting for 20 mins before we could start the circle.

Down Downs awarded as follows:

Hare Perpetch
Return of the Beer Meister Cum-a-lot
Lost property Too Cheeky
Short cutting Padre, Dire Rear, Too Cheeky
Returner and having no mug Idyll
Birthday Mr Pizza
Waste disposal Dire Rear
Visitor Finnish Fly
Putting up with Dire Rear Toss Pot
Nominations for S.0.W.
Cum-a-lot - not having a 2nd set of keys with him
Too Cheeky - abuse of mobile phone
Mr Pizza - no particular reason
The winner by a landside was Too Cheeky

The On On was at 'Chez Monique et Patrick' for the bargain price of 15 Euros, including wine and coffee.

Big thank you to Perpetch for organising a great Hash at short notice.
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Xmas Party

R*n 566: NEXT HASH 9-Dec

Hair of the dog hash

10.00 for 10.30 at La Pinede (opposite the little park on the sea front in Juan les Pins)

The circle will be at Knicker Licker's country house in Impasse des Oliviers, mulled wine, home-made soup and mince pies.

Map here.