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Hares go to a lot of time and trouble to set trails and organise on-ons. Please remember this before you start whingeing. If you have a genuine gripe, bring it up with everyone, don't make snide comments!

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Never Cums

Prestressed's Mid-summer Party/Hash, 23rd-24th June 2007
Details here.

Wetspot's Salernes Away Weekend, 29th June-1st July 2007
Details here.

Euro Hash, London, 13th - 15th July 2007
Details here.

IAH2007, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 31st August - 3rd September 2007
Details here.

Blue Danube H3 River Cruise, 9th - 16th September 2007
Details here.

Porquerolles Away Weekend, 21st - 23rd September 2007
Details here.

Perth Interhash, 21st - 23rd March 2008
Details here.

Wednesday night this week – we were still eating the leftovers of the HASH ‘On-On’. These HARES did an amazing job, all the work for the HASH and cooking the meal. A massive ‘THANKS’ to you both ‘Confusion’ and ‘Knicker-Licker’


The puzzling revelation of symbolic ‘Biot’

The massive car park was full when we arrived; No Hares could be seen; ‘Cumalot’ turns up with his nuts around his neck, faking horsy sounds. What did ‘Monty Python’ have to do with all this.

Then the Hares arrived and we were forced to partake in the ritual of drinking ‘rocket fuel’ from a ‘holy grail, which looked like the ‘Westminster Abbey’s Christening Bowl’.

Just then the leaders of the ‘Priory of Sin’ arrived on the scene ‘Maneater’ and ‘Suckon’ on their annual ‘World Tour’, just stopping off for a refill.

In a haze I heard the ‘Religious Advisor’ playing with his horn and summoning a confused Mary Magdalene(?) to reveal the ‘code of conduct’ for the afternoon.

We were ordered to form two teams. Then the two teams had to split into ‘one team per pen’. Too much organization for us free spirited HASHERS. Something was mentioned about the ‘Da Vinci Code’ book and we were told to meet in one hour at the ‘Parking Fontainette’. I missed the bit in the middle,

With that, Hare ‘Knicker Licker’ starting showing off her holiday snaps. Surreal or what?

Someone slipped me some photos and I walked off following a sign to ‘Parking La Fontainette’.

Up in the village, the sun beat down harshly on the square. By chance the ‘Knights of Templar’ were in full force celebrating the ‘Festival of the Festivals ‘St. Elois’’. A cacophony of strange instruments, songs and general merriment seeped along the medieval passage ways or was it that punch turbo kicking in?

A whole troupe of white Carmargue horses were charging along the roads, ridden by exotic ladies in Folklore costumes, leaving very obvious trails of dung (the horses).

The Hares had excelled themselves organizing this.

At one point the horses charged at a young boy, who ,quite clueless, could have become ‘Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man’ and been spread-eagled and squashed, had fate not caused him to move slightly to the right, just in time.

HASHERS dipped and dived, over excited, amongst the festivities, up and down the streets, gathering in boisterous groups, frantically snatching pictures from each other.

Suddenly all photos were torn from me, by HASHERs who had seen ‘mine’ but not ‘theirs’. We were studying every door frame, every piece of wrought iron, every pavement. Quite a few found the ‘dung trail’ this way, whilst staring up at balconies

It took some HASHERS about a minute to crack this cryptic code by cheating and accosting the locals, asking in which road they could find the emblems, pictures, etc.

‘Piedo’ was surprisingly good at chatting up the women.

I managed to arrive at the ‘beer stop’ without having found one single photo match.

Everyone else apparently found loads of them.

Even at the ‘beer stop, there was no respite. The team leaders did not rest, but tirelessly tried to get organized for the second round, dishing out pictures again.

The second half got more intense and competitive. A shame really, because we walked around some fascinating parts of ‘Biot’ never normally visited. The village really is much more beautiful from behind. Like a lot of us.

In desperation, some HASHERs went off in a car to try and find the outlying pictures.

This dedication paid off as the teams results were separated by just one point.

Things got off to a cracking start at the circle with an ‘upside-down’ down-down for ‘Suckon’, our ‘Oz’ returner. Most of the beer went up his nose. Nice!

And finally, for those, like me, that have not got a clue:

The Fibonacci Numbers: 2-4-6-8

Decoded, means’: Who do we appreciate? The HARES!

Down Downs Why? As if we need a reason

HARES For wonderful cryptic holiday snaps

Dire Reat For cheating!

Toss Pot


Supermarket Trolley

Sneaky Bastard





Danish Bacon

Shit of the Week:

Sneaky Bastard as always – but really because he fell off his bike ogling some women.


Annes Family including a real ‘Malteser’! Melt in your mouth not in your hand (was it that ad?)


            Vagabond                                        Incredible Hulk

Has anybody noticed the similarity between Incredible Hulk and a vagabond wanted for molesting women in Hungary. I think we should know.

Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 547: NEXT HASH 17-June - Black Hawk Down

The Goodness Gracious Me, Run.
Or, It Ain't Half Hot Mum.
You will be under the shade of the trees for a large percentage of the time so don't worry about the sun screen.

Park Valmasque 1430hrs. meet. 1500hrs. prompt start.
If you are late because of all the bloody tourist follow the trail to catch up!

Exit Peage at Cannes,
Head towards Valbonne on the dual carriageway.
Take 1st exit towards Antibes, Biot, D35
Continue at roundabout 100m turn right.
There should be a Bakers in sight and a sign, which takes some finding, "Bois de Fontmerle".

Continue to the end, where it says, "no through road" and turn right, slalom through the bollards and park.

Exit Peage at Antibes,
Head for Grasse.
Watch out for the speed camera.
Just after this take left lane to the traffic lights.
D35 Direction Grasse La Valmasque, Mougins, Cannes.
Keep going for a few Kms. until you go over a speed bump and on your left will be the above Bakers.
Continue to the roundabout and do a 360 turn, back to the aformentioned Bakers.
Turn right and follow the instructions above.

All you with your souvenier Porky Rolls bum bags, bring them with your water bottles full.

Call 06224 73910 and leave a message if you have any quieries.