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Hares go to a lot of time and trouble to set trails and organise on-ons. Please remember this before you start whingeing. If you have a genuine gripe, bring it up with everyone, don't make snide comments!

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Never Cums

Africa Nash Hash, 16th - 18th March 2007
Details here.

25 Years of Hashing in the Hague, 27th - 30th April 2007
Details here.

Prestressed's Mid-summer Party/Hash, 23rd-24th June 2007
Details here.

Euro Hash, London, 13th - 15th July 2007
Details here.

IAH2007, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 31st August - 3rd September 2007
Details here.

Blue Danube H3 River Cruise, 9th - 16th September 2007
Details here.

Run Report 537
A bright and sunny january day allowed the hash to meet up at the top of Grasse, about 500m above our previous outing and maybe 1km away on a map. There was a good turn out for the haggis hunting including a number of virgins, one of whome had brought a wayward dog. Despite the directions to wear tartan a fair number of the hashers had omitted to get in touch with their scotch side and Sadist was heard bemoaing the fact that he only had his tie and not the hat. At the appointed hour we were split into walkers and runners and then told to head off in the same direction. Padre was responsible for making the Runners lives a misery and Big End was going to be nice to the walkers and not lead them astray like some other people do, mentioning no names. The runners trail was a typical Padre one in that it had more twists and turns and loops than a bowl of spaghetti, filled with devious checks, false trails and plenty of options for heading off in completely the wrong direction on no flour at all. At some point, while we were performing a certain amount of forensic flour analysis (Padre blamed the sanglier for rubbing it off), we encountered a late cummer, to whit one No Satisfaction. Sometime after that we came across a piece of trail of extreme deviousness because the hares were being ecologically sound and reusing a portion of the trail we'd already run 5 minutes before. As we ran around this trail for the second time we encountered three more late cummers, Pedo, Procul and Too Cheeky and at about this time the walkers were joined by some other skivers such as Confusion, Fairy Plonger, Road Runner and Lady W.

Anyway Procul and his one eyed dog (answers to the name of "lucky") were extremely handy in finding the next few false trails before the trail took on a distinct descending trend and the flour became somewhat patchy again. Fortunately Knickerlicker managed to drop bits of fabric to guide us and it wasn't much later that we heard the walkers grouped together. Big End explained to them that there was a short cut back for the halt and the lame but that the rest were supposed to follow the runners trail. The runners went left a bit before descending even further to a large pipe. At this point the trail turned right and we followed the pipe back all the way to civilization passing through a couple of dark tunnels. In one particularly dark tunnel the hares kindly left some candles to light the way until they were swiped by a passing Dire Rear. Then it was back up the hill to the start and beer.

After all the stragglers had straggled in the circle began by awarding down downs to the hares - Padre & Big End - in thanks for another excellent adventure. Then there were downs downs for
Late Cummers No Satisfaction, Confusion, Road Runner, 2 cheeky, Pedo, Pariy P, Procul, Lady W
Mugless Pedo Roadrunner
Shortcutter Flyme
New shoes Padre, Jorge also Padre's scotch twin Cumalot
No scottish clothes 16 assorted
Littering the trail and magnificent makeup knickerlicker
New shoes again Padre
Brithday Padre, Fairy Plonger
Inability to do maths Farty bum
Returners procul lady w cums quicker dominique roadrunner and someone else
False accusation again Farty bum - claiming that road runner harassed her in tunnel
Virgins Graham, Simon - brought by Kum Kum, Guy - brought by Jorge, Liz - heard us on the Radio
Vistior Jane a hasher in Bahrain 25 years ago, also Farty Bum for being a fellow canadian and Padre for being a fellow ex Bahrain hasher
Dog owners
Graham, Procul, Dire rear
Private party Anne of Cleacage, Skinny A, Prestressed.

Shit of the week nominations were Sudsucker for complaining about a lack of flour and Dire Rear for nicking candles and leaving other hashers in the dark. There was no contest really and Dire Rear was chosen in a landslide then it was on our way to Chez Padre and Big End for Neaps, Tatties, Haggis and Laphroag, not to mention a variety of delicious desserts. As always the catering was magnificent, thanks to Big End, and as always Sadist showed a strange aversion to some of Padre's flowers and rand them over in his haste to leave the drunken sots who were still at the party finishing up the left overs.

Upcumming Events
Also see the Receeding Hare Line!

R*n 538: NEXT HASH 11 Feb

Cumalots Rugby Run  : A rugby match with a Hash

12:30 for 13:00

Come along to the hills above Cagnes/St. Laurent du Var for a walk/run over varied terrain with great views of the mountains and the sea (plus houses, building sites, greenhouses, al fresco spontaneous rubbish tips).

Walkers are advised that some of the trail is ‘off piste’ so leave the high heels at home.

Runners are advised that this run will have some ups and downs.

The OnInn will be at our place on the Cagnes side of La Gaude. Directions will be given on the day as required.

This will be a ‘self catering’ so if you can bring something, that would be a great help.



Directions :

From the South:-

Come up the D118 from St. Laurent-du-Var. J49 of the A8. It is signposted La Gaude apparently but since I almost never use this road, I can’t say much about it.

After about 3.5km out of St. Laurent there is a sharp hairpin bend, about 1km after this is a sharp left turn into the Domaine de l'Étoile (Av. Marcel Pagnol). If you miss this turning and find yourself outside IBM in La Gaude or at a set of traffic lights which appear to have no value whatsoever, you have gone too far and should turn round.

From the North:-

Take the D18 (which confusingly becomes the D118 about halfway along) from the roundabout in St. Jeannet (1st exit if coming from Vence, 3rd exit from Carros/Gattieres). Continue straight on past the bakery on your left and then IBM on the left after about 3km. About 1.5km after IBM (and after the pointless traffic lights) take the first right turn into the Domaine de l'Étoile (Av. Marcel Pagnol).

Once in the Domaine continue straight on for about 2km. After sweeping bend (with speed hump) the school will be on your left and the car park to the right.

See you there!

Map here.