Where, When, How, Who ?????????? 

The Hare: Farty Bum  

Contact hare on email: maggie@gassend.com

12 - Feb

Meet at: 10:30 for: 11:00

Run 830
Hi Hashers,

Here’s how to get there: (BIG PARKING LOT IN CAGNES-SUR-MER)

Get yourself to the bord de mer in Cagnes-sur-mer, where the hippodrome is.

If you’re coming from Nice direction, turn right, up Boulevard Kennedy at the intersection just BEFORE the hippodrme.

If you’re coming from Antibes direction, drive along in front of the hippodrome and turn left, up Bouldevard Kennedy, just AFTER the hippodrome.

Drive up Boulevard Kennedy, cross the intersection, and keep going straight. You will see the railway bridge ahead of you in the distance.

When you arrive at the railway bridge, don’t go under it but turn right and drive along the railway embankment, then turn left through the little archway, and you will see the parking lot in front of you.

We will probably be parked right there in that corner, in front of the archway tunnel. To enter the parking, you have to go to the right. (First you pass the exit, then comes the entrance.)

You can also arrive by going under the raiway bridge and driving straight ahead until you come to the entrance to the parking lot on that side.

If you do that, you will have to drive through the first two parking sections and into the third section (closest to the canal) to find us.

It’s quicker to to turn before the raiway bridge and go that way (no lights).

You can also come by train.

Get out of the train at Cagnes-sur-mer (not Cros de Cagnes, if the train happens to stop there).

Come out the front door of the station, turn right and walk through the little parking lot. At the end of the parkinbg, turn right again and follow the road down the dip , under the tracks, and up again.

When you arrive at the street, the railway bridge will be there on your left. Just walk along the railway embankment like in the directions above, as if you were a car.

10:30 for 11:00.

SEe you there !