Vector is the next generation of flight computer from Byrnes Aerospace Systems. All surface-mounted components, a smaller and lighter construction than Ignition, longer communications range available, more pyro channels, increased processing power, greater customization, and many more features are coming in this new and improved flight computer.

Of course, we would be remiss in our duty if we did not mention the largest new feature of this board, and its namesake. Thrust vector control is coming with this board, and with a 100Hz input update rate on a newly-designed two-axis engine gimbal, it should be immensely accurate.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that this board will be launched for public purchase on an in-progress store page of this website once development is complete. Manufacturing will likely be small-batch for the foreseeable future, so there may be delays in shipping if demand is high. Please be patient both for the release of the board and for your computer to ship to you once ordered.

This board will bring Byrnes Aerospace Systems to the forefront of the control system design industry, poising us to surpass the competition once again. Updates will be coming about this board in the coming months as we launch our new YouTube channel. Stay tuned to this page for information in the near future.

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