SimFalcon is a new technology from Byrnes Aerospace Systems. It is designed to verify and validate the accuracy of a simulated model of an aircraft. We are currently considering the potential of this tool to be adapted for space and missile simulations as well.

SimFalcon is a vast improvement over the long-winded and expensive FAA certification of the past. FAA certification often requires the company producing the simulation to obtain proprietary data from the aircraft manufacturer, which can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult. Further, FAA certification requires the involvement of the FAA and a minimum additional 40-day waiting period. The combination of these two may lead to wait times on the order of months or years for certification to be complete, costing you valuable time and potentially millions of dollars.

SimFalcon, by contrast, will take mere minutes to determine the accuracy of your flight model and will not require any proprietary data or FAA involvement to function. Simply take the required data from the pilot operating handbook or other public documents on the aircraft’s performance, input them into SimFalcon’s GUI, and watch as your model is validated. Congratulations, you’ve just saved millions. What previously took a team of engineers a year to accomplish can be done by one intern in an hour.

To make SimFalcon a reality, we will need funding to cover development costs. Heavily discounted licensing rates are available to contributors. For inquiries regarding SimFalcon how you can get involved, please message

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