The Ignition MK2 platform, with omnidirectional antenna. Communication range with the antenna pictured is around 4km unamplified.


The Ignition flight computer is an innovative solution to the flight control problem at the model scale of rocketry. At just 11.4cm long by 5cm wide, its small size allows it to fit into relatively small vehicles. With a 9DOF inertial measurement unit and barometric pressure sensor, the computer is capable of highly accurate state-space estimation throughout flight. Wireless telemetry over the Xbee radio bus enables ground personnel to gain access to real-time data on the state of the vehicle during flight. Dual-event pyrotechnic channels allow both manual (using telemetry radios) and automatic activation of pyrotechnic charges and e-matches for parachute deployment, engine ignition, and other applications. All flight data is logged and saved at the end of flight to a micro SD card in a .csv compliant file for easy data ingestion.

The computer can be programmed to activate its pyrotechnic charges at any event the user chooses. Program in abort cases at certain body orientations or acceleration values, set dual deployment altitudes for drogue and main chutes, the choice is yours. Take unprecedented control of your flight, and monitor it all through an intuitive ground control interface.

All of this power can be sustained with a standard 9v battery or 11v LiPo. So long as the battery is capable of delivering sufficient amperage to activate your pyrotechnic charges, and does not deliver a voltage in excess of 12V, you’re good to connect and fly.

Ignition MK2 is the current version of the flight computer, and has not yet been officially put on the market. However, if you have a serious inquiry about acquiring a unit for your personal use, please contact aidan.byrnes@byrnesaerospace.com. Ad Astra, and happy flying!

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